America you’re embarrassing 

America your a hot mess right now.  I don’t recognize half of the people on my news feed. (Facebook) I sit and I watch you all tear each other apart.  I see your anger, and your rage and so does everyone else.  Do you think that your words don’t have power? Do you think that just because your unhappy, that you have the right to belittle and to demoralize your friends and family.  Are you so entitled that you think this behavior is acceptable? I am shocked and confused by the way many Americans are acting right now.  I am embarrassed and saddened by your hate and your anger filled protests. I’ve even seen people delete their own family members and uninvite them to thanksgiving dinner because of who they voted for.  What the hell people?

Worrying is actually worshipping the problem.  You are afraid, that’s the bottom line.  You are flipping your lid, and you are stuck in your emotional brain.  Your worried about what your going to tell your kids when they get older, and I’m worried about what your teaching them right now.  You should teach them the truth, and how to deal with it.  You should tell them that life is not fair, because it isn’t.  You should show them how to deal with adversity instead of teaching them how to become the victim of our lives.  Our kids are witnessing stuff that I never saw as a child.  I don’t remember my parents flipping out because of the election.  Kids need a safe place to share their feelings and their concerns. Are you that safe place? Can they tell you they are afraid? Can they tell you that your anger is scaring them?

I pray that today some people will let the anger go.  I pray that today I can get on my Facebook and not see so much hate.  I pray that someone will learn something from this post, and realize that they do have a choice. I’m not sure what happened to our self control or our self love. Maybe this proves how much America needs to learn to work on themselves.   There are a bunch of people running around and acting a fool, and it really only shows how weak and afraid you are.  It shows that you can’t control yourself or your fears, and   It shows  that you need to work on you. If there is ugly coming out of you, then Ask yourself why is it there in the first place.  Maybe this happened so you can learn about you! These  problems have nothing to do with president and everything to do with you. Circle of control, if you’ve never heard of it look it up and learn it really fast. 

My Instagram hasn’t really been to bad, and neither has my LinkedIn. For that I am thankful.  I’m going to teach my daughter that how you are acting is wrong.  I’m going to teach her about the light, not about the hate.  I’m going to continue to show her that I can be a positive energy in a world so full of fear.  I will show her that we can still be kind to those we don’t agree with, and I will will teach her to never play this victim, or the judge.  I will make a difference In this world, one day at a time.  Maybe you should ask yourself what  your putting out into the world, because I can promise you this, you will get back what you put out⭐️

Do you want anger, hate, and bitterness to return to you? If the answer is  no then you better change something today!

Tavia Hayduk

Choosing to be the light in this world ⭐️the love 💕and the peace

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