One Nation Under God, (until the presidential election)

Here we are one day away from our presidential election, and I don’t recognize half of the people on my news feed.  Why don’t I recognize them? Because normal people that I respect and admire, are turning into straight up crazies.  What is it about this that makes people evil? That’s right I said it, there is so much hate and anger that I can’t begin to understand where it comes from.  

Is it that you want people to agree with you? I’m guessing that mean comments, and rude remarks are the way to win them over?!?! Do you think if you talk bad enough about the other candidate, then your friends will suddenly change their mind? Do you think that anyone ever changed their mind on who to vote for, because your Facebook post suddenly enlightened them? 

I’ve done a really good job of putting up boundaries to stay out of this one. Does it mean I don’t care about the election? No it does not! What it does mean, is that I choose not to feed my brain so much negative.  I choose to try to block some of it out, but now that it’s here I have no choice.  It’s on every tv station, my phone is ringing asking me who I’m going to vote for, my FB is full of people being horrible to each other.  (Yes some people are just horrible normally, but I’m talking about the once normal people who go cray cray)

If the election makes you ugly, maybe you should ask yourself why!  Do you think your uglniness is going to change someone’s mind? Or, do you think it’s really ok to be ugly right now, as long as your kind the rest of the year. I wonder if the election brings out people’s true colors, the ones they hide so well during the year. I wonder if people could share their opinions without all of the negative emotions involved.  You can be passionate without slamming others.  You can have an opinion and still keep it classy.  You can do things out of love, instead of out of hate and anger. 

I wish that was how it went, but as you well know that’s not the world we live in.  When they use the phrase one nation under God, I don’t think this is what God had in mind.  I am embarrassed and saddened by the contempt that’s everywhere. I am afraid for what might happen when this is all over, and I hope that today and tomorrow go by really fast.

Here’s what I do know with all of my heart, we do things out of love, or we do them out of fear.  Love doesn’t feel like what I’m feeling today, so I’m going to guess that all of your ugly comes from fear. Your afraid, so you try to get other people to agree with you.  However your going about it all wrong.  It doesn’t matter how many things you post, everyone already has their minds made up.  Your comments and posts are doing nothing to help the situation.  They are actually making it worse.  Sometimes I think you guys act like a bunch of school kids fighting on the playground, the only difference is that you would have gotten a time out. 

I’m glad tomorrow is almost here.  I pray for my country and my friends. The next time you feel the evil coming out, just close your mouth and pray instead because that my friends is what our country really needs. We need love and we need prayers, what will you contribute over the next 48 hours? 

Tavia Hayduk 

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