My daughter, my friend………..

Today my daughter Peyton Elle Suzanne  Hayduk is turning 12 years old! She has already informed us that she will be riding the bus home during the time of her actual birth.  

Today is the day our little family of 3, turned to 4.  She’s very lucky to have a big brother to protect and love her.  She also has one of the best daddies around.  I’m thinking when it comes time to date, these 2 might scare off a few boys.

She came out with a head full of hair, and since I had so much heartburn when I was pregnant, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.  My sister and husband were in the room with us, and those are memories that I hold dear to my heart.  I went in at 6:00 am to be induced and finally at 3:06 she decided to come on out.  

This is our first time taking miss Peyton to see the beach.  She was the flower girl in our friends wedding.  She wasn’t to sure about the ocean the first day, she actually ran away from it and cried. But it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with it just like us. 

Here’s Peyton with her cousins Gabbe on top and Molly on the bottom.  Peyton loves these 2 very much.  They are both still her closest friends, and they are actually coming over tonight for a slumber party.  Peyton loves with all of heart, and it’s a really BIG heart.

She has had her own style since she was born, and my friends she still does! She didn’t like clothes very much, and spent a lot of time running around in her underwear.  She prefers sweatpants over any pants.  She doesn’t do yoga pants, or leggings, or jeans for that matter.  I often wonder what I did to deserve such an amazing little girl.  I also wonder where the time has gone, because now she’s in middle school.

She still loves Halloween and the snow. (She gets the snow from her dad, I hate snow)  She has more boy friends then girlfriends and It’s always been that way.  However she has a few really sweet girls in her life.  I love that my daughter goes to school without brushing her hair.  It makes me think she loves herself on the inside, and that’s way more important then what we see on the outside.  

We are taking her to Disney over Thanksgiving. The last time we went she was 6, so this time she will remember much more! Peyton is faithful, smart, strong, funny, and beautiful! She has always been a blessing to those who have known her.  People come up to me all the time and tell me how awesome she is.  These are teachers, and friends.  She has a special gift with little kids, and she uses it generously. (She’s going to make a lot of money babysitting I am sure of it)

I’m getting a little choked up looking at all of these pictures, but it’s ok because it’s also fun.  My daughter has taught me so many lessons about life.  I realize we teach them too, but if you take the time to be present your kids will teach you amazing things. They will help heal a part of you if your open to that.

This is one of my all time favorite picture of her.  You know what it’s like when your kids get to the age of the fake smile!  But this picture captures her true essence, you can see the sparkle in her eyes, and the love in her heart.

Here she is this morning on her birthday! She will always and forever be my Doodle. She is as sweet as she wants to be, and a force to be reckoned with in all the same breath. She gives selflessly and with love.  She is empathetic and kind.  She doesn’t care if she’s popular, she doesn’t care if she’s a cool kid (her words not mine).  She does care about people and relationships.  She loves to sing, and play the drums.  She also loves to preform at our local theater.  

Her smile makes me smile, her laugh is infectious,her heart is pure and true but above all I love that she’s my daughter.

Happy 12th birthday Doodle, “How did I get so lucky to have the best daughter in the whole wide world named Peyton Elle Suzanne Hayduk?”

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