A secret lies in here…………

I’m going to inspire you to learn something new today. It’s going to challenge you, and it still challenges me. However I am aware of this now, so I can work on it. There are lots of times in my life when I don’t care what you think of me. It’s a gift I guess, but then there’s this other part. It’s the part where I allow someone else’s actions to control my emotions.
It’s like a trigger has been pulled. I’m going though my life all happy and I don’t care about your opinion, (unless I love you that I’d) and then all of a sudden something happens. Someone does something and immediately I feel wronged. Here’s where it all goes bad, here’s where I give my power away. This is what goes though my head after I’ve been triggered.
Oh my gosh why would they do that? I wonder what I did to them! Screw them, I don’t need this nonsense in my life. They can do whatever they want I don’t care! Now these feelings are all very real at the time, but that doesn’t mean they are true. I’ve actually learned that I need to honor these feeling first, because if I don’t they are going to come back and haunt me later.  
Feelings and emotions need validated, they are not going away until you sit down and have some coffee with them. I don’t need to stay in victim mode like I was above, but I do need to admit the feelings that are being evoked. What’s really going on with me, is that someone has triggered a feeling of rejection in me. It’s taken me back to my childhood, where that feeling is stamped somewhere in my memory.  

I used to set up camp and spend the week in victim mode. I used to call all my friends and complain to them about how I was wronged.  
But then like I always do, I read a book and I learned something new. I learned that I was giving my power away. I learned that I was right on to not care what other people think. You see the more you learn to love yourself, the less you need any validation from anyone else.
There’s this reassuring faith that comes with being your own best friend. It has taught me how to look inward instead of seeking these things from the outside. I’ve learned that just because someone is an ass to me, that I don’t have to care. I don’t have to play the victim, and I don’t have to waste a minute worrying about it. Those things are all very self destructive. They serve no purpose in my life, and they bring me no joy.  
So here’s to not giving your power away! Here’s to not letting other people’s choices matter to us. Here’s to a lesson that everyone should learn, because my friends it’s where inner peace lies. 
The secret to life, learn to love yourself ❤️️truly love yourself

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