Confabulating Assumptions………..

I am going to learn this skill like a boss this month. I’m going to focus on zero confabulation! It’s the same thing as assuming kind of! I’m going to make November my bitch. I’m going to master this listening skill, and I’m going to sponsor 3 new people, and I’m going to help them change their life.
Sometimes we get into the habits of assuming the worst. We could do this with many people, however I feel we do it more with the people we are the closest to. We also might do it at work, with our management or bosses.  
How many times have I wanted to ask my husband a question, but I somehow talk myself out of it because I didn’t want to cause drama. So then in my mind I proceed to justify why I’m not asking, and then later on it comes out all sorts of messed up.  
That’s because I just played out a whole scenario, that’s not even real. My brain just took over and went ballistic. It’s amazing to me how many crazy places my brain will go. But the good news is, I’m slowly but surely learning how to break that habit. I don’t think you can be 100% assumption free, but imagine what it would feel like to make half as many assumptions!
I think it would be freeing, and I think it would force self growth. I’ve done enough studying of the brain to know that it can be rewired. I am actually rewiring mine while teaching you what I’ve learned. 
Who is it in your life that you might tend to make assumptions about? Think really hard friends, who is your biggest trigger? This is the person that you need to focus on. I challenge you because I want you to learn and help yourself!
I want you to be happier, and to believe in yourself again. I want you to push yourself to be better, because in doing so, your going to fall in love with the real you! Be courageous, make November yours. 
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