Happy Halloween from my ❤️to your ❤️️

Last night was our tick or treat! I know it’s the weirdest thing ever that we don’t do it on Halloween, welcome to Logan County! The picture above is of my siblings and I! I am the oldest which obviously makes me the most knowledgeable. 🎃 Isaiah is the baby, and he doesn’t have any kids but he never misses an opportunity to do it up right on trick or treat night. He loves his nieces and nephews and they love him too.

This is my hubby, he’s used to our weirdness by this point! We’ve been married for 15 years, so he know what he’s gotten himself into.  He loves this night as well.  He told me before he left for work yesterday that he was excited about tonight.

This is my son and his girlfriend and his baby! They were so cute! The memories that go along with trick or treat are the best.  If you notice me in the pictures, my hairs a hot mess, but my smile shows the happy.  I love family traditions, and I love my family.Here’s  my daughter and my granddaughter.  She’s the non slutty version of Harley Quinn. Tatums a little kitty, meow! Half of the fun of trick or treat is getting your costumes together.  Madness ensues for an hour before, but we love it. It’s all part of the fun! This girl is growing up to fast! I took the time to be in the now last night.  Everything stopped for a few hours.  There were no worries, there was just complete and utter presence.  I know it won’t be long and she will be staying at home to pass out candy.

This is as good as it gets, for getting them all in one picture. I am one lucky Aunt, to have such cute nieces and nephews.  We have Hermonie Granger, Jason, an elephant and a mouse and baby yoda! The little ones were so confused, but excited to be outside and to receive candy! They didn’t know what the heck was going on, but they sure did love it.My mom is usually the picture taker, but she had her hands full, so I stepped in and took some! You would think it would have been my sister, since she’s the photographer.  But that’s not how we roll in his family.

Pre game shenanigans! Yes we eat before will fill ourselves full of candy. I’m so glad I don’t have a baby, because they ate a lot of candy last night. I hope no one was up sick last night. 

You see that little kitty? That’s my one and only grandbaby! She makes this Holiday so much fun. That’s the cutest kitty I ever did see, and her mom is pretty cute too!By the end of the night I was calling this little one Sybil! She was beyond tired, but she was on a sugar high! They tried to wipe her make up off, but her eyes were crazy!  Her brain was thinking, but her mouth wasn’t relaying the messages.  However her eyes told a different story!  They were full of expression, and they were riding the crazy train 🚂 I love my family and  I love making memories with them.  I know it sounds so cliche, but enjoy them while they are little, for one day very soon they won’t be so little anymore.  You will actually miss the days like this.  You will be get on social media and feel an emptiness inside your heart.  You will wish you could take them out on the town again, but only they will be grown and you will take the grand baby instead.

She’s changed a little in a year! Take time to enjoy those closest to you.  Family is an amazing feeling, a safe haven from the world, and the most important thing in my life.  I hope you all have an amazing Halloween 👻 

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