Ive been trying to grow my business online and it’s been a journey to say the least! I am being challenged on a daily basis, but that’s what I wanted.  The internet is full of all kinds of people.  Some of them are wonderful and some of them are down right creepy.  I just made a video that lasted 15 minutes! Woot woot small victories! I titled it 5 network marketing myths debunked.  

Click below to watch

Tay Tay debunks
I love the idea of video, because it really captures who we truly are.  When your going live for 15 minutes there’s no going back, there are no do overs! I even like to go back and watch myself, so I can see where I look the most confident, and where I need some help! I can see where I am passionate, and where I falter. Practice makes perfect my friends, and videos are the way of the future!

In the end I’m really good at being myself.  I have to do things that are in alignment with my heart and soul! I’m a people person, And I always have been.  I will grow online and I will be successful, but I will do it honestly and with integrity.  

If I were more computer savvy, I would have my blog set up better.  But I’m not, so I decided to start writing even though it wasn’t perfect.  I decided to learn as I go, and I’m doing exactly that.  It doesn’t need to be perfect in order for me to go forward, as long as I’m moving in the right direction I am happy!

If you like who I am and want to know me better I’m pretty easy to find,

I hope your day is filled with love from the inside out and that you get out of your comfort zone!

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