In my house Halloween is for fun, nothing to do with the Devil!

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved trick or treat.  We always went to my grandmas house to eat dinner before we went out.  There would usually be a pot of sloppy joes, and a pot of shredded chicken for the taking. We would eat dinner and then my cousins and I would all get our costumes on there. The next 45 minutes was mad chaos, but part of the fun.  The make up was applied, the hair was sprayed, and the house got super noisy! When it hit go time, we would all leave together for our adventure. We would spend the next hour and half hitting as many houses as we can.  When we were finished for the night, we would all go back to grandmas and get our candy checked by our parents.  I realize now as an adult, this is also your time to steal the candy! These memories have lasted a life time.  They are our family traditions and today we still carry these out with our own kids.

We now go to my sisters house and do the exact same things we did as kids.  Our kids are   filled with the anticipation and excitement that comes along with this candy fueled holiday.  Our town always has trick or treat on the Thursday before Halloween! I don’t know why, it’s just how it’s always been.  My friend in South Carolina always makes fun of us, and says you should celebrate Halloween on Halloween! 👻 (like I make the damn date for trick or treat 🎃😜)

As a kid I didn’t even realize people related this holiday to the devil.  That’s probably because my family never taught me that.  My mom taught me it was a fun night to dress up and get free 🍬 candy! It’s a time for family, and friends. It’s about having fun, and stopping in the middle of our every day life to enjoy each other.  Our kids now have the  same experiences that we had.  They know we’re all going to  be together on Thursday night, and they all  look forward to doing it every year.  

Sometimes it’s freezing because we live in Ohio! We pack all the kids in the van, and we leave the back open.  We drive them around, and they have a chance to get warm while we switch streets.  Every year there are new babies added to our family, so our entrouge continues to grow.  I don’t think God is frowning upon us at all.  I think he’s smiling as a matter of fact.  I think he’s happy that we are spending time together, and I also think he wants you to quit judging us.  

I just wanted to share with you what trick or treat really stands for in our family.  I wanted you to know that just because you believe something, doesn’t mean that it’s true.  Once, when we were younger we didn’t have a choice about what we were taught. Now that we’re older, we get to reexamine our belief systems.  We get to understand where we learned something, and then we get to decide if that’s how we truly feel about it.  Do your beliefs serve a positive purpose in your life? Do they align with the adult you? Do they align with your soul? 

I hope you all have fun this Halloween! Take the time and stop and be 🎁 present and in the moment, it’s truly an amazing feeling!

Tavia Hayduk 

Hair stylist, anti aging consultant, blogger, coach connect with me on FB, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter

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