It’s time to bust your cape out and wear it like a boss 

There’s a superhero inside all of us waiting to be released.  You might be aware of this already, and some of you might not have a clue where your cape is.  That’s ok because that’s why I’m here! I’m going to help you find it and wear it like a boss! Sometimes in life we get so busy that we forget to make a life.  We think that we are living our life, but really we become slaves to the daily grind.  We go to work, we go to sleep, and we might do a few fun things in between. 

What if we decided we wanted more out of life then just our jobs? What if we looked at life in a Different way? What if we decided it was time to believe in ourselves again? What if we decided it was time for some change? What if we found our inner superhero and we’re brave enough to use our capes?

When we are trying to make a decision about something, it goes one of two ways.  This depends on how your mind works, and what you focus on.  Let’s say I approached you about joining my at home business.  What’s the first thing that you say to me? Is it an excuse? Is it excitement? Is it fear? Is it possibilities? Is it a preconceived notion? Is it joy? When given a choice you will either look at all of the good that come from the opportunity, or you will look at all the ways that it won’t work.

What way does your brain work? It can change you know, I’ve actually changed mine and I will continue to change it.  You can teach your brain to work for you instead of against you.

Often times the first response is your automatic response, which is basically you not thinking at all.  Your response is a way to keep you safe, even if you don’t realize it.  I’ve learned over the years about the pause.  The pause is what I do before I react.  It lets me know that I am present, but I might need a few moments to process the information. The pause is an amazing thing to discover.  Our brains are ready to protect us at any given moment, from whatever it is that scares us.  The pause says, wait a minute Tavia, is this how you really feel? Or is this your ego? My ego is probably a little pissed off at me.  I used to use her all the time, until I realized that my ego is not where I want to come from.

I want to come from a place of love, of presence, of patience, of kindness and of self assurance.  I asked for a challenge in my life and I got one.  I decided I was destined for more and so I started a network marketing business.  Since February I’ve grown in ways I didn’t even know were possible.  I am no longer sleepwalking through life.  I am excited and passionate about helping others succeed.  

Focus on what your capable of instead of what you can’t do. Tell your ego to shut up, and to sit down.  Surround yourself with new thoughts, and new people who believe in you. I will coach you if you don’t believe in yourself.  I will support you and I will help you learn a new way.  Anything is possible my friends, if your brave enough to put the cape on.

Tavia Hayduk coach, leader, master motivator, Tay Tay Inspires, Tay Tays Fresh Faces 

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