The truth about your ❤️heart 

The heart VS the head! This is truly, one of the most difficult things to master.  How often does our heart say one thing, but our brain says another.  There’s no turning the brain off, so we have to figure out a way to heal it.  I make much better choices when I use my heart, instead of my brain. There are times when my brain won’t shut up, it won’t quiet down.  Did you know that our brains try to protect us?  Brains are so amazing, and so complicated at the exact same time! “When the neural network that supports empathy is on, the network that supports logical thinking is suppressed.” That’s cray cray in itself! 

My brain will lie to me, but my heart  never lies to me.  Have you ever been talking to someone, and their mouth says one thing, but their facial expressions say another? This is a classic example of the brain and the heart being out of alignment.  Your brain says yes everything’s ok, meanwhile your face tells a different story.  Your lips are moving but you lie, lie, lie 🎧.  Do you know which one to believe? It’s not what’s coming out of your mouth.  Your mouth is controlled by your brain, your expressions come from your heart.

Our brains try to rationalize things, and twist them around to fit our current moods.  The brain is an amazing thing, and a complicated thing all at the same time.  It’s amazing because it does so many things I wasn’t even aware of.  It’s complicated  because it’s been with us our whole lives, and its probably been through a few traumas.  It’s our command center for how we see and feel things, but it’s not always the best place to seek advice.  

If I feel confused, or hurt I start to think about things and try to figure them out.  I find the more I think, the less I know. So many times my brain has failed me, because it’s trying to protect me, but that’s not really what I need.  I need to pay attention to things that trigger me, and figure out if they make me better, or if they make me bitter. My heart never gives up. My heart is what makes me try again, it’s what guides me.  When my heart and head work together, they can produce amazing things.  However, when they are fighting each other, there’s like this emotional war going on inside me.  

My heart is the reason I can love, and forgive.  My heart is what leads me most of the time now. The mind breeds bitterness, resentment, jealousy, ego and pride.  The heart breeds forgiveness, love, sympathy, empathy, and empowerment.  The heart makes a conscious choice to move on, and to learn a lesson.  The brain leaves you feeling bitter, and empty.

So I ask you my friends to examine your mind and your heart, and then decide which one leads you! 

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Tavia Hayduk  

PS no I did not write the saying in the box, but I found it to be the most true thing 🌟

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