I’m not your ordinary woman⭐️

Sometimes when I write to you it’s super easy  and it just flows from the inside. Other times I’m like, what the hell am I going to write about today? I remember when this blog was a tiny spec of dust in the back of my mind.  I remember thinking I want to help others, I want to reach more people, but that seems like to much of a commitment.  I had all of these ideas floating around, but my fears kept getting in the way.  It’s funny that we can talk ourselves into something, and the very next second talk ourselves out of it.  

That’s how our brains are made, but when I realized I could change my brain, then things started to get real! I learned how to control my thoughts, instead of my thoughts controlling me.  I learned what’s beneficial for my mind, and I learned what I needed to let go of.  I decided to make myself a priority.  I decided to be more intentional with my time.  I started a business at home, so I could meet new people, get out of my comfort zone, make extra money, mentor and grow others, while growing myself at the same time.  My why, has changed in 9 short months, and my story continues to grow.  I cannot even imagine where it’s going to be in another year! 💕

I know that I’m headed in the right direction, even if at times I stumble.  I know that all great things take time, and that sometimes we have to slow down to go fast! I decided that I wanted to learn how to grow my business online, so I reached out and got some advice.  There were many things that I learned that were valuable, and that I will take with me. But there were also somethings that I learned that didn’t align with who I am as a person.  My brain said one thing and my heart said another. I was supposed to post pictures of myself in all these different locations, I was supposed to brag about how much money I make staying at home doing nothing.  But posting picture of me and places isn’t really my thing. I like to post pictures of me and my people.  They are what truly matter to me. I tried to do a few of the thing that were suggested to me, but I just kept getting further, and further away from my authentic self.  I decided that I would take the good information and use it, and the rest of what I didn’t want, I would leave behind.  This journey is a roller coaster at times, but in an awesome way.  I’ve grown so much, and it’s only the beginning.

I’m slowly but surely creating a presence online.  It takes a really long time to grow a following, without spending a bunch of money on advertising.  I have to stay true to Myself, I have to lead in a way that I believe in with my whole heart.  I believe in time I will grow this business and I will do it honestly, and with authentic people.  I will inspire others to believe in themselves and I will never stop learning, or teaching. 

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