Get right on the inside and you will feel the change…..

I’m living proof that you can change. When I decided to focus on myself, and my feelings, things started to look different. Things started to feel different too. I realize now that I had to learn more about myself. I had to dig deep, and figure something’s out.  
The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is that I need to be in alignment with my soul. You might be saying to yourself “what the hell does that mean?” Well it means that you feel comfortable with where you are. It means that you have core values, and beliefs that align with your heart.  
My core values are authenticity, faithfulness, love, and honesty. If I believe in these things and I nurture them and I take care of them, then I am aligning with my soul. If I take those things with me and use them daily, then everything else will fall into place. 
Whenever I used to be afraid or scared, I would flip my lid, or maybe I would, shutdown and walk away. These were the only ways that I knew how to cope. But I didn’t really like the person that I became. I felt weak and exhausted afterwards. I felt defeated and I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t change.
Until one day when I decided I wanted something different. I say one day, but I feel like there were many days leading up to the one. I’m 42 years old, how long am I going to carry around this baggage with me? It’s not doing me any good, in fact it just keeps me STUCK!
As a matter of fact, I decided I needed to change and then help others change. So here I am, writing to you and hoping that I can inspire you.
I am a work in progress on a daily basis. I choose to be brave now, and to be strong. I choose to love myself, and to trust myself. I decided to live with presence, and in doing so I made myself vulnerable.  
Do you have a set of core values that you carry around with you? I challenge you to ask yourself what they are, then if they don’t align with what your heart says, go and rewrite them. Decide what feels good to your soul, and then start believing them. 
Over the years we can become lost to ourselves. This means our brains say to do one thing and our hearts say to do another. The truth is the heart never lies, and the brain lies all of the time. Go get right on the inside and you will feel the change.

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