Faith or Fear? What’s your choice?

Have you ever felt stuck? It could be in you job, or in your marriage, or your workout, with your kids or any other place. I think that at one time or another we all feel stuck somewhere in our lives. But how long should we stay there? When should we learn how to move forward? 
Maybe stuck isn’t the right word for you, what about restless, or bored? Have you ever felt like your just so busy making a living that you forget to make a life? You go to work, and you take care of the family, and you get to run a taxi service, you attend your kids events, you clean the house, and make the dinner, and go to the store. Your doing a great job, but do you ever want more?
Those things are all a part of our every day lives, but what about the part where you do something new? Where you do something different? It’s got to be something that’s for you, and only you. It’s something that you want to do, that serves yourself, instead of someone else. It could be a new hobby you’ve been wanting to learn. It could be a new exercise program you’ve wanted to start but just haven’t made the time for. It could be that you hang out more with your friends, or you join a club, or start a new business. (With me of course😜) 
I believe that sometimes in life we get so comfortable, that we don’t know how to do something new. We get in the way of ourselves. We are stuck in our own brain, because it’s safer that way. You can’t fail if you don’t try something new. You can’t get grow if you don’t learn. You let the fear keep you stuck. The fear of failure, the fear of work, the fear of the unknown. 
But what if your fear turned to faith? What if you learned how to scare yourself, and in doing so created a life so amazing you didn’t know it could exist? It’s a feeling that comes from releasing old patterns, and learning new healthy ones. Faith doesn’t mean that you won’t be scared, it just means that you believe in yourself now, more then you don’t.
It means your ready to make the most of your life, and to challenge yourself. It means taking your wishes, and making them come true. It means being brave and taking a risk, because that’s when your going to grow. It means letting go of worry, and anxiety about what might happen, and believing in yourself to succeed. 

Watch here
Glue or Solvent? 

It’s your choice!

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