Tay Tays Cheat Sheet to Presence

I’m on a mission to live a better life.  A life where I understand more things about myself, and then I share what I’ve learned.  Sometimes when I learn something new, It’s like I have an Ah-Ha moment.  Then other times it takes me longer to process something, because it’s so different then what I thought was true.  I have to break down the belief system in my brain and rewire it.  I have to get out of my own way sometimes, so I can learn more about myself. 
Reading is a very important part of my life and it always has been.  I like to read for fun, but I also like to read to learn.  This mission for personal development has led me to many new discoveries.  If you don’t like to read, there are a shit ton of books that you can listen to.  You can’t  change your life, if you don’t do the work on yourself.  No matter what your age is, or where you’ve been in life, you still have the ability to learn new things.  But you do have to desire a change or there will never be one.

A few things I’ve learned recently that I think are super important to share are listed below.  Consider this a cheat sheet, and if you choose to investigate them further that is up to you. 

  1. Anxiety is caused by living in the future.  It is worrying about things that have not happened, and might not ever happen.  It steals your joy, even if you can’t see that. (Remember to get out of your own way when learning)
  2. Depression is partly caused by the ability to only focus on ones self.  We become stuck in our own misery and we don’t know how to get out.
  3. Your subconsious holds the key to how you really feel about yourself. It’s always running in the background, like a compass for your life.  
  4. Guilt is a form of self destruction. It serves zero purpose and letting go of guilt has honestly been life changing for me.
  5. Judgment is another form of destruction, it’s a bad habit.  It’s something that you’ve trained your brain to do.  If you want presence, you can’t judge yourself or others.
  6. Our story has the ability to change over time. What you used to tell yourself, can change if you want it to.
  7. Playing the victim is another no no.  It’s another way to keep yourself stuck, and safe. But once you realize your doing this, you have the ability to change this too.
  8. Using your head, instead of your heart will lead you in the wrong direction.  Your brain will lie to you, your heart will never do that.
  9. Triggers are real and if you learn to pay attention to them then you will learn a lot about where  your hurt lies inside you, and what causes it.
  10. Confabulation is making up stuff in your head. See the video below 

What if you decided to work on the above things in your own life? Do you think it would make a difference? 

I can promise you that it will ⭐️

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