New Month, New You

Its a new month with a new beginning.  This means we get to start fresh.  We can make new plans and set new goals. Want to work out more? Do it! Want to try a new hobby? Get on it! Want to read a new book? Get started! Want to grow as a person? Get out of your comfort zone.

There’s nothing more important then doing something that scares you.  We become to complacent and safe in our lives. We sail along and we are happy with our schedules.  We are familiar with the mundane, we become stuck.  

You have this one life and thats it.  What does your heart long for you to do, that your head talks you out of? What can you do to create some positive changes in your life? The kind of changes that wake you up from a deep sleep! They say hey girl hey, you need to start listening to your heart.  My heart said I needed to get out of my comfort zone, so I started an at home business.  Then my heart said you need to reach more people, so I started my blog.  Then my heart said you can grow still, so I got advice and systems from the Internet.  It turns out that those things were not for me.  So my heart said its ok, this is how you learn.  Then my heart said get back on track, grow your team, support the people in your life.  Build them up and teach them what you know.  Help them believe in themselves.  Find a group of people that are inspired to want more, and to do more.  My heart also said to start a new FB page, Tay Tay Inspires.  

When I started listening to my heart, I actually started to make the changes.  Your brain will lie to you, it will keep you stuck in order to avoid failure.  

One little goal, has led to multiple different goals.  I think my next goal might be to get some official training in life coaching.  Is it scary? Yes! Will it be OK? Of course! My heart says keep going, your doing so good and I’m really proud of you.  You may become discouraged at times, and thats alright, just don’t stay there to long. My heart is the happiest it has been in a very long time, but I had to go through the the scary to get here.

 I’m ready for you to join me, this is the month you take a risk on yourself! This is the month where you create change, instead of just wishing things were different.
Confabulating (Click here for my video)
Contact me today if your ready for change! If your ready for a new month and a new you! Hanging out with Tay Tay will be a positive in your life I promise⭐️

Tavia Hayduk


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