The Power of Presence 

Imagine the power behind picking your thoughts. We have tons of thoughts go through our brain on a daily basis.  Often times we don’t think about the thought at all. For example, you think I’m hungry.  Well you didn’t make that up, and you didn’t plan it, you are indeed hungry.  You also didn’t choose that thought, it’s present because it’s true.  

If you think to yourself hey I like her shirt, you didn’t plan that thought either. You didn’t think I’m going to like someone’s shirt today, it just came to you when you saw it.  On my journey to learn about consciousness and presence, I’ve found many new and exciting things, and  I’ve learned lots of crazy things about our brains.

I’ve learned that even though your subconscious is always working, you might not even be aware of it.  If you’ve ever driven somewhere and zoned out on the way, then you have experienced the power of the subconsious.  It’s running all the time, it’s the way you really feel about yourself.  I’ve been on a conscious journey, so then when they threw the subconsious in there I realized I have a lot more learning to do,

I’m excited about this because I am learning about myself.  I am learning about my own triggers, and I’m also learning that I will never stop learning.  We are fascinating people, and complicated at the same time.  I feed my brain 30 minutes a day of something new.  I read it, or I listen to it, but I’m always doing something to learn.

Presence is a beautiful thing, and I can’t wait to learn more.

Go do something positive for your brain today.  Feed it love, feed it Faith, feed it positivity.

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