Peeps On The Net…….

I used to use the Internet for fun and entertainment .  I sometimes still use it for fun, but now I use it for inspiring others, and my business too.  I thought it was time to share what I’ve learned about people since February.  I used to get on Facebook to socialize and catch up.  I used it for personal reasons only. As I thought everyone did………duh!

Boy oh boy was I surprised when I decided to venture out of my comfort zone.  I went from only having a personal FB page, to having a business page, a LinkedIn account, I added another page to IG for my business, I started a blog, I got a Twitter and snap chat (which I need to work on) and I still need to tackle YouTube, Google, and Pinterest (I have a Pinterest, but  I am not faithful to it at all)

So we have your normal everyday people, they use FB as a social platform, to connect with their family and friends.  This is how I thought everyone was, until I decided it was time to grow my business.

You have a group of people who use their social media accounts for trying to grow their businesses.  These people are go getters, they are trying to create something bigger then themselves and their current situation.  I love these people because they just put themselves out there, ready for rejection.  They have decided to take on a new adventure and they are ready to succeed. They are folks who want more, and I admire these people for many different reasons.  The most obvious is reason, is that I am one of them.  The other reason is because they took a chance in life, on themselves for once.  They have courage, and drive, and the desire for change! They want more and they know there’s no change, until you decide to change 

So after getting these different social media accounts, I started getting private messages from people.  At first I thought they were being nice.  They start the conversation with a compliment of some sort, and then they ask you about yourself.  For the longest time I didn’t realize they were trying to recruit me.  I know I was naive, but only on the Internet!! The messages vary depending on the media outlet.  On IG I get all kinds of crazy messages, from people wanting me to join their church or their business. I also get people who want to send me their nakedness, or join their cult.  No thank you, go put your junk away, ain’t nobody got time for that, and I love Jesus!

On FB there are literally billions of private messages sent, the same goes for IG.  FB has a ton of private groups that you can be a part of. Some groups are awesome and provide a service that your looking for.  They could be for moms, or dads, weight loss groups, businesses, work outs, flat tummies, you name it and it’s there. Positive mindset, authentic people, learn how to grow your business.  There are groups for your teams, and groups for your groups! Ha ha!

On LinkedIn the messages are much more professional, they have the wording down much better, and they sound good delivering it.  I can’t even touch on Twitter because I’m still learning it, slowly one day at a time.  I wanted to grow my business on line and I wanted help.   It turns out that what I wanted, and what I got were 2 different things.  But my friends you live and you learn.  

I learned that I have to stay true to me.  I am honest, and loyal and straight forward and authentic.  I have to believe that I will attract the right kind of people, in the right kind of the right kind of way.  So until then, I will just keep writing my blog, and doing my thing, and hopefully inspiring a few people along the way.

Go spread some love

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