What do you feed your brain?

Today I’m going to inspire you to work on yourself. In a world full of craziness, the only person that you can really control is you.
We have to make a choice daily about what we are going to feed our brains and our hearts. Yesterday there were 3 different times that I almost clicked on a horrible story in my news feed. It was the one with the mom who overdosed in the target store, with her 2 year old.
The headline was different depending on which news source was sharing it. It’s enough to jump out at ya, and say read me. The picture itself, was enough to make me want to turn my phone off and never look at it again.  
I felt sorry for the mom, but my heart broke for the child. Imagine the trauma that it caused that poor baby. It’s imprinted on her brain and in her heart. I decided that I didn’t want to watch that baby struggle. I decided, that I wasn’t going to fill my brain with those images (the picture and the headline were enough).
Even though I’m always trying to learn and do better, I am human and I struggle. I try to share with you my own issues, so you can understand that we are in this together. 
Everyday we have a choice. I’m going to continue to try to spread my light and my love in this world. Everyday I’m going to write my encouraging posts, and I’m going to hope that it makes just one persons day better.
I’m going to try to spread some love, In a world so full of contempt and hate. I’m going to try to be the change.
So what can you feed your brain today? I hope it’s something that resembles love and not hate. I hope that you know that if you make one person smile, then you’ve changed a life.
Spread the love πŸ’•

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