International Day Of Peace

What an amazing day to celebrate. A day of international peace sounds like a beautiful thing. What if we all just took the time to be kind today? What if we tried not complain once today, but instead focused on how lucky we are?
What if we looked at our lives, and the world through a different set of goggles today? What if we decided to be amazed by the little things in our lives? Like our marriages, our children, our friendships, our jobs, our freedoms. 
If we put some love and gratitude into the world, it’s bound to come back to us. We can be gracious and thankful, we can be appreciative and kind. We can all make a difference, one day at a time.
I will spread my love and my inspiration to those who need it. I will bring something good to this world on a daily basis. I will be the change, that spreads the light in the middle of all the chaos.
I will be spreading peace today my friends, will you?

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