Exit The Comfort Zone Now

Today I’m going to inspire you to do something new.  
Why you ask? Because it’s when you grow the most. It’s when you discover parts of yourself that have been lost. It’s when you discover new things about yourself, that you had no clue existed.  
If your cruising through life feeling secure and comfortable, it’s probably time to shake that up a little. Why would you want to do that?  
Because you only get one life, you have to take control of it and follow your dreams. One baby step into something new is all that you need. You need to do something that scares you.  
I normally go to Jazzercise for my work out a few times a week. I’ve been wanting to do yoga, but I wasn’t committed to actually going there. It was out of my comfort zone. I’ve been doing jazz for 8 years now, talk about feeling at home. The idea of yoga was in my head long before I acted on it. But like any great idea it wouldn’t go away. My brain was in the back chanting yoga, yoga, yoga.
So I finally went and I loved it. It was awkward, just because it was new, but it was also exciting and different. I now have 2 places to relieve stress and produce happy endorphins.  

I have more awesome friends and my brain says thank you.
What can you do new this week? 

What dreams have you been carrying around with you, but not acted upon?
If you have something that’s chanting to your soul, I encourage you to listen to it and then to do it. Your future self will thank you.  
Don’t listen to your brain, listen to your heart💕

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