Tay Tay Inspires

Hello to my Internet family! Today I’m going to take the time to introduce myself to you. I want you to be able to understand me and where I come from. I am a real person, and I will be the only one in charge of my page.
I am honest to a fault! I am one of the most real people you will ever encounter. I will not tell you something you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to hear⭐️
When you communicate with me, it will be me directly! I will respond and answer your questions to the best of my ability and with complete honesty.  
I am 42 years old! I’ve been married to my one and only love for 15 years. I have 2 children. My son is 24 and my daughter is 11. This makes me a professional parent! I’ve tried all styles of parenting, and I’ve been a mom more of my life then I haven’t! 
I’ve been doing hair for 13 years. I’ve been able to grow and maintain my clientele, and I’ve been very successful in this endeavor. I provide more then a hair service, I provide a soul service as well. I finally listened to all of my friends and clients and decided it was time to reach more people.
I started with a network marketing in February of 2016, because I wanted to meet more people and challenge myself. I wanted to make an income on the side without working more hours.  
This decision opened up a whole new world me. The Internet is full of amazing people, and I know without a doubt this is where I should be right now.
The key to my success is learning. I learn by living, and I learn by reading. My emotional IQ is very very high! I am able to help others because I am in tune with where they are and what they need.  
If you would like to a be a part of something authentic, then you are in the right place! Like my page, get to know me and see if there’s something I can help you with.  
As this page grows, so will my inspiration! Eventually I will offer private sessions and webinars. I will motivate you daily to be your best possible self, and help you to understand yourself! 
It’s never to late to start another dream, and I will be your biggest fan.
Connect with me on IG, Twitter, LinkedIn and coming soon snap chat (who wants to inspire me with that one?)

Join my group Tay Tays Fresh Faces, like my page Tay Tay Inspires 
You only have one life, don’t waste it being angry or mad or sad. Learn to figure yourself out and the rest will fall into place. 
If you know me already, leave a comment and tell the others how you see me. This will help them get to know me better.
Contact me today if your ready to grow your wings and fly!

You are perfectly imperfect the way you are ⭐️

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