Where do you live?

Today I’m going to inspire you to live in the moment. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it’s imperative to your mind, body, and soul.
There have been times in my life when I’ve been stuck in despair. I would literally start off every day, with the dramas of the day before. There was no end and beginning, it all just flowed together.
One of the worst times I can think of, was when I had to give my son tough love. I felt so afraid for him and his choices that it started to wear on my mental health. (I will save tough  

love for another article, there’s to much to cover in this one)
My fear was consuming my body and my days. I wanted to help and make things right, but I didn’t want to enable him. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize who I saw. I was empty, and I had nothing left to give.
I allowed that fear to control me and to consume me. I could only think bad thoughts, it perpetuated in a circle and I couldn’t stop it. At the time I didn’t know any other way.  
However, if it weren’t for those tough times in my life I wouldn’t be writing to you now. The same things that almost broke me, have helped me heal. If it weren’t for those dark times in my life, then I wouldn’t have learned a new way to cope.
In our darkest moments we are not broken, we are hurt. We can learn new ways to deal with things, and we can learn new ways to love. The times that have been the hardest in my life, are the same things that made me grow.
I went on a journey to understand myself better. I started reading books to help myself and my child. I wanted to learn a new way to deal with stress, and I also wanted to figure out why I was stuck in the dark.  
I made a choice to change my future, do you want to change yours?
Email me or message me I’m here to inspire you.  

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