Persistence VS Failure

There are times in our lives when it seems like quitting is the only option.  Everyone has been there at some point.  Maybe you wanted to quit a job, or you wanted to quit your marriage.  Maybe you even wanted to quit school, or you wanted to quit your exercise program.  The point is we’ve all been there.  We’ve all felt defeated, but it’s our response to this that decides the outcome.

What leads us here? What makes us want to throw in the towel? How do we overcome these feelings? Do we just give up? Do we quit and start something else?  Do we quit and not try anything else? 

Part of quitting is what’s going on in your own head.  Are you afraid of failure, so it’s safer if you quit? Are you afraid that if you try and don’t succeed, you will be a disappointment to yourself and to others?  Or is quitting your defense mechanism for never getting ahead? Is it what keeps you in a “safe zone”? Do you quit, because then you’ve already failed?

I’m 42 years old and there have been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to quit in my life.  Sometimes it just seems easier to quit.  Sometimes it’s easier to walk away and to throw in the towel.  It’s in these moments of desperation that our real learning begins.

In these moments you will feel lost, and afraid.  Everything will seem hopeless. You will either walk away and quit, or you will pereservere.  Maybe you need to take a day or 2 to figure out where you are emotionally, and where you need to be.  If we are in our emotional brains then nothing will make sense.  We cannot reason with ourselves when we’ve flipped our lids.  

I’ve tried to understand what makes one person keep going, and another person quit. I believe what makes the difference is the person.  What have they been through in their lives? How have they dealt with their life cirumcstances? Or do those things still control their choices today?

When I quit on something I feel defeated, I feel lost, and I feel like a failure.  When I am persistent, and I don’t give up I have a feeling of accomplishment.  I think that when you have a tough life, then you learn some skills that others might take years to aquire.  I think that when you have to take care of yourself, it forces you to grow.  

Failure can’t cope with persistence! That means never give up, keep trying and if you want to quit, reach out to someone who can help you! Find a friend who loves you, and wants you to succeed.  Find a mentor or a coach who is on your side.  Seek the guidance and wisdom that your lacking at the moment.  I promise you there are people everywhere who love you want to see you succeed! 

Whatever you do DON’T QUIT💕

Tavia Hayduk. 

FB page  Tay Tay Inspires

Group Tay Tays Fresh Faces 


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