Stop, collaborate and listen…….

Pharrell said it best, surround yourself with those you can learn from.

We can learn so many things in so many different ways! Some people learn by reading, some learn by watching, and others by doing.  I learn from all of the above and then some! I learn by people watching.  I can tell a lot about someone just from the way they enter the room.  Your body language and your energy speak volumes about who you are, and where you are in your life.
I am like a sponge for learning about ourselves, about our minds, about our souls.  I can’t get enough of learning about what makes me tick.  It’s amazing to be able to learn and grow at the same time! I hope my friends don’t get tired of all my new ideas! Even if they do, they will be alright! They learn from me too.
I have to repeat what I learn, so I can actually relearn it! So it actually benefits us both.

I’ve learned how to think happy thoughts consistently.  I’ve learned how important exercise is for my well being,and everyone else’s! I’ve learned that even though I strive to be better, I am still a human and I make plenty of mistakes.  I also learned not to beat myself up for those mistakes!
If I’m not making mistakes, then I’m not out there learning.  I’ve learned how to be my own best friend for the first time ever and I must say that’s the most amazing lesson yet.  Making peace with myself has been a process and a journey, but oh so worth it!

I learned how to get unstuck, and I learned how to be brave again! Now my journey is to encourage you to get to steppin!

Tavia Hayduk

FB page Tay Tay Inspires.     FB group Tay Tays Fresh Faces

P.S. It’s 9/9/9 go release the old patterns and way, and start learning the new ones.

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