Today I’m inspiring you to share your story! I’m also going to teach you how I changed my story.  
I did a video the other day on our stories, so I’m following it up with a little more inspiration.  
My first story, is going to be the one I told myself for many years. It was for sure 100% the way I saw myself. Does this means it’s true? Or did I need to unlearn a few things, and learn a few others? 
Well you see I was 17 years old, and I got pregnant my senior year of high school. My grandma had babies young, and my mom had me while she was young also. Somehow I got it in my mind, that I was going to be the first one to graduate high school and not become pregnant.
I’m not sure if I decided this on my own, or if I overheard it somewhere, or if it was just imprinted upon me. Either way I was determined to make my family proud, and change up our family history. I was going to be the change.
And then it happened. I got pregnant my senior of high school. I was afraid, and scared, I was disappointed, and I felt like a huge failure. I wanted to do something different, but yet here I was.  
I carried that around with me for many, many years! I told that story numerous times to myself and to others. “I was supposed to be the first one to graduate high school without a baby!” I never realized the power my words held over me.
I didn’t know that I could change those feelings, and I could write a new story. But, on my journey of life I learned that I could. I’ve read many, many, books in order to understand myself, and my choices! 
Once I learned I could change my story, I promptly did so. I decided that my son was a blessing and a gift. I decided that I wasn’t a disappointment and this was the way it was supposed to be.
I forgave myself for being human! I forgave myself for having unprotected sex, and I decided that I was going to create a new story.
It goes like this………….
When I was younger I got pregnant. It was a little scary at the time, but it turned out to be one of my biggest blessings. If it weren’t for Tevin, I wouldn’t be half the person that I am now.  
Because of Tev, I learned how to live on my own, and how to take care of myself. I learned how to survive in this crazy world, and I had my first true love. I learned about sacrifice, and perseverance. I learned how to love myself more because of my son.  
Tevin came into this world at the exact time he was supposed to. I was given the gift of being his mother, and for that I am forever thankful. My story is perfect for me in so many ways.  
I am not a disappointment, I am so much more. My life is amazing and I wouldn’t change a single thing (unless I could have learned how to change my thoughts sooner)!
My gift to you is to help you understand that your story can change. My vulnerability is my gift. I am choosing to share my heart and soul with you,in hopes that you can learn from it and grow as well!
If you want help rewriting your story, I’d be so excited to help you!

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