Are you feeling it?

Today I’m going to inspire you to understand your feelings a little bit better.
I used to let these feelings control me. I was a victim to myself. When I was sad, I lived there for a long time. When I was angry I couldn’t feel anything else. It literally enveloped me and I became full of rage.
Fear was also a big part of my life, It’s probably the one I struggled the most with. Fear doesn’t always say, hey I’m afraid. But it does have a way of creeping itself into your brain and taking control of you.
It makes you think things that are absolutely absurd. It will trick you into being afraid when’s there’s nothing to be afraid of. Fear is a thief who comes to destroy you.
Yes there are times in your life when you’re anger, sadness, and you’re fear serve a purpose, it’s healthy to feel these things sometimes. But your thoughts and your feelings are not necessarily true, just because they’re are present.
✳️Feelings and emotions are temporary! If you take nothing else away from this article, take that bit and stew it over. They come and go just like the sun comes and goes every day. You can be really sad, because you got some bad news. But as time goes on that sadness changes. It could even change into anger or fear, but eventually the feelings will become less prominent. They will start to subside, or change.
Just because you feel anger, does not mean that your an angry person. It doesn’t mean that your going to stay mad for 2 weeks. (Unless you consciously choose to stay stuck here, because you don’t know a different way) 
You are not your feelings! You are not your thoughts, you are so much more. You are a human, with a complicated processing center. It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.
It is important to honor your feelings as they come up. So if your feeling annoyed by something, acknowledge it. Say to yourself that’s annoying, and then it has way less power over you. But if you don’t acknowledge the annoyance, then your feelings are going to build up and your going to explode on the wrong person at the wrong time.
It’s also important to realize that it’s super unhealthy to stay annoyed for a long period of time. Should you find yourself stuck in annoyance, find a way to get out as soon as possible. Ask yourself why your holding onto annoyed and what purpose is it serving you?
I have learned so much about myself, my feelings, my emotions, and my brain over the past few years, that’s what inspired me to inspire you.
You can change anything in your life if you want to.  
Leave me a comment on how this article helped you. If your not comfortable with sharing your feelings with everyone, send me a message.

Tavia Hayduk


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