Evacuate Like Hurricane Hermine

There comes a time in your life when your ready to do more, and be more.  I am at that time right now! I had to a lot of work to get where I am right now, and I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally and emotionally!

I had to evacuate the negative thoughts from my mind.  Did you know that your subconscious cannot filter wether your feeding it positve, or if your feeding it negative! It’s just back there processing what ever patterns you feed it!

Ever wonder why some people are always sick? They are hypochondriac’s for a reason.  All of these negative thoughts manifest into their sickness.

Ever met someone who thinks the worlds out to get them? They have trained themselves to believe this, and to be a victim of the world. They are creating their own negative experiences, by dwelling on them.

Have you ever met someone who judges every person they see?  They have trained their brain to do this! They might not even know they are doing it, but they are. They are unhappy in the inside so judgin others makes them feel better.

Have you ever met someone who’s constantly wrapped in a bubble of drama? Everything is the end of the world. They don’t know how to cope, or communicate in a healthy way.

I could go on and on with scenarios but I think you understand my point.  I didn’t used to know these things! I’ve been the victim, the judge, and the drama queen, (never a hypocondriac). BUT now, when I find myself falling into these roles, I can quickly pull myself out of it.

I learned about my thinking, and I healed the parts that made me feel that way.  I wanted to love myself as much as I love my family and friends.  It was easy to think I did, until I listened to my self talk! 

I share my stories with you because I want you to know your not alone! I want to help people who want help, and it makes my heart happy when they succeed in loving themselves! 

My biggest flaw still is that I want to help everyone, but everyone doesn’t want help.

Evacuate the negative from your mind and soul, amazing things await you!

Tavia Hayduk.  Taytay514@yahoo.com

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