What I learned from taking risks……….

I learned that I have the power to do more, to be more.  I learned that if I don’t try I will never know.  I learned that new things are often scary, but that’s when I actually learn the most.  I learned that I have the ability to change the next ten years of my life.  I learned that there’s nothing wrong with wanting more!

I learned that I am capable of so many amazing things.  I learned how to find my inner voice again, I learned how to honor it and how to grow it.  I learned that there are a shit ton of people in the world who are awesome sauce!

I learned that this was my dream, and it was up to me to see it through.  I learned that I have to be completely committed, even when it’s hard and I want to give up and quit.  I learned that when I fail, on the other side there’s actually a success that’s waiting.  I learned who would support me, and who wouldn’t. I learned to be my own biggest cheerleader, and I learned how to truly love myself. 

I’m still learning everyday, and I hope that you are too! The risk is worth the reward, it’s true!

Tavia Hayduk taytay514@yahoo.com

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