Miracles, Miracles, Everyday Miracles

I took a trip to visit my best friend all by myself! Here’s a picture of me doing Facebook Live last night, while capturing a small miracle.  Going on vacation by myself was new and exciting.  There were a couple of times I almost felt guilty being here while my family was at home (then I remembered my new thinking, and guilt serves no purpose here)!

20 years is a really long time to have a best friend! I realized what a miracle this was also! We’ve been through so much good, and so much bad together. But the one thing that was always constant was our friendship.  I’ve had people in my life I thought would be around forever who are not. Then I have Lajla, who was put in my life to stay for the duration. Friendships take work, and love, and endurance! 

There’s another miracle in this picture; when you live at the beach you often take it for granted (I know because I felt the same way when I lived here). So indeed it’s a miracle that I got her to go to the beach with me! We both got sandy and survived! If you live at the beach and you don’t like the beach, you need to change up those thoughts, it was amazing and calming and perfect for the soul.

We took some time to do some boating! We went in the late afternoon on a weekday, and we practically had the river all to ourselves. Here we are enjoying a break from the boat on Sandy Island. It’s out  in the middle of no where, and sometimes on the weekend you can’t even get a spot there because it’s so busy. So we had another small miracle that day! 

I decided to do something for myself.  I am lucky enough to have a family that supports this adventure, and my family is my everyday miracle.  I often stop during the day and try to be present! I try to live in the moment, and I am learning that gratitude changes everything,  myself included.

Thankful Thursday! Miracles are all around you! When was the last time you decided to see them?

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306


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