Signs, signs, everywhere signs

I was out taking a walk on this beautiful morning, when I came across this sign, the road ends. What does this mean to you? Does it mean you should stop driving, or stop walking? Does it mean turn around!? Does it mean the end is near?

I often think about things like this in life.  I once read an awesome saying that said “My mind swims at depths, most would drown in!” This inspirational quote hit me like no other.  I’m like that’s me, my mind goes places that other people cannot begin to imagine. But there’s also a group of people who are just like me.

They choose to question themselves, their thoughts, and their intentions.  If I had read the above sign and stopped walking, I would have never seen the beauty on the other side.  I would have never been able to shoot my amazing video this morning!

If I read the sign and internalized it in a negative way, I would have not seen this beautiful tree! It’s called a live oak tree! It’s alive because of the Spanish moss in it.  To me it’s simply breathtaking.  When I look at these trees I feel like a kid again.  It’s a feeling that’s associated with being here in the south, and it’s for sure my second home.

I write this today to share with you perception.  In life we  see things through our own eyes, and all of our eyes wear different goggles.   They are formed by your experiences, and your life.  They are not good or bad goggles, they just are our goggles.  They are our experiences, and our hurts, and our joys. 
I encourage to become aware of your lenses and the way you see things. Then I want you to ask yourself how someone else might see it.  Try to look at things through someone else’s eyes and see if your truth is really true, or if it’s a jaded truth, shaded by your life.

The road definitely ended, but at the end was a beautiful river.  So is it really the end, or it just the beginning of a new path and a new journey?

If any of this resonates with you, reach out to me I would love to hear all about you and your goggles! Life is a precious gift, grab a hold of it and love it and in the process you will learn to love yourself as well.

Tavia Hayduk


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