Like a KID in a candy store!

I am sooooooooooo excited! Tomorrow I am flying out to see my best friend! I am taking a trip all by myself.  I don’t think that’s happened once, since I got married 15 years ago! My hubby and daughter have gone away with his parents before and now it’s my turn! Don’t go getting your panties in a bunch, I love my family, and I love myself too.

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of taking care of me.  I am a better mom, and wifey when I put myself on the list of priorities.  There have been many times over the years, where I only lived to serve my kids.  In the last couple of years I have been doing a lot of learning, and unlearning. I will continue to grow and to change, because that’s what life is all about.

I’m a mom not a maid, I run a house, not a hotel! (It’s taken me years to learn that, and I credit How to Raise an Adult for finally pounding it in) When we take care of our families, it makes us feel good too.  (And there’s nothing wrong with that) But if your a parent, and you don’t take care of yourself, what are you really teaching your kids? 

There needs to be a balance in life.  I often think moms struggle with the balance more then dads. Why? Because we are natural care givers, our brains are made differently and we have way more sympathy then a man does. (Look it up, it’s true) A woman’s brain is like spaghetti, and a mans brain is like a waffle!

Do you know what that means? We are spaghetti because everything blends  together for us.  There is no end and no beginning.  What happened 3 weeks ago is still bothering us, and it ties into today! The difference for the men is that the waffle, actually has separate squares. When they are done with something, they are legit done. It’s over, onto the next square.  Nothing ties together for them!

I understand life is busy, and hectic.  I also understand that it’s short and precious. I am learning a new balance in this life I am loving it.  I am like a kid in a candy store today.  I am going to go relax, and have fun and recharge! I don’t feel guilty, I feel ecstatic and I know my family supports my mini vacation as well!

Go do something today, that your soul will thank you for!

Tavia Hayduk

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