My Best Friends Prego and I Just Started Menopause! WTH (Happy National Best Friends Day)

Many, many years ago I moved away from my hometown.  It was time for a change and I was young and free.  I moved from Ohio to Myrtle Beach! I was ready to explore the world and I needed a partner in crime.  Those were some crazy, fun times and I loved every minute of it.  I had only lived there a couple of months when I met a girl named Lajla.  (Lila, it’s French. Now you won’t butcher her name the rest of the article)

I don’t believe in chance or circumstance.  It was no accident that we met.  She was from Connecticut and she had just moved to the beach also.  I had a 3 year old son and I needed a nanny for him.  Out of the blue, Mary Poppins arrives.  Well, she was pretty damn close to Mary anyways.  We met through an ad add in the paper. (I never can remember if I placed the ad or if she did, but that’s not really important!) 

(I am not sharing any of our crazy stories here because I’m pretty sure we could write a book about all of them, and that still might happen!)

That was 21 years ago that we met.  Since then, we’ve gotten married, graduated our kids, been through some awesome times, been through some really shitty times and still come out together on the other side.
I eventually moved back to Ohio and Lajla moved to Florida and then back to South Cacaklaky, where she currently lives! I am going to see her on Saturday and I am beyond excited! (Which partly inspired this blog)

Lajla is a very special person to me.  We know things about each other no one else in the world knows.  Our lives might not have always been ideal, but our friendship has been. We are complete opposites and that’s ok! 

Lajla is my sister even though we don’t share blood.  She is my sister from another mister.  I look back at some of our pictures and we were just babies! Now, here I am in menopause and my BFF decided to have a baby! At first I was like, what the hell are are you thinking!? Your ruining our retirement plans to travel the world together, with our husbands of course! I joke around about it all the time still, but that’s all it is, a joke!

I couldn’t be happier for her! That’s part of the reason for the impromptu trip! We need one last hurrah before the babe comes! I’m thinking I’m going to really annoy her, but the good news is that I will have a DD the whole trip.

I got pregnant for my daughter when I was 30! Lajla came to Ohio for my 30th Birthday party and they all had fun at the Mexican restaurant. I did not have fun.  I could not drink and they were all super annoying.  I actually ended up leaving them all at the restaurant and going home after dinner! (Don’t worry, they walked home, it’s just up the street.  In route, they jumped on someone’s trampoline and peed in their yard.  Another story, another time)

Friendships like this come along once in a lifetime!  They take faith, love, and nurturing.  Have we ever fought? Hell yes! You can’t love someone soooooooo much for soooooooo many years and not have your feelings hurt.  But you know what, we always managed to work it out.  We are always able to fix it because our friendship is more important than our egos. 

Together we can do so much more then we can apart! 

Even though I joke about the baby, I couldn’t be more excited for her and her man.   I can’t wait to have another part of lajla join my family, and  I can’t wait to love this little munchkin! Our friendship, just like any relationship, takes work! Communication is what keeps it alive.  Lord knows we sure have learned how to communicate better over the years.

I thank God for putting this girl in my life.  She’s taught me many lessons, and I have done the same for her.  This is what life is truly all about, our relationships.  It’s about the stories you create along the way, it’s about the people you love with your whole heart, and how they love you back. 

It’s about the people who never leave your side and who will always be there until the end. It’s about people who know your best side, and your worst side.  Through it all, they continue to stick around.    

In the end, I’m pretty sure having a baby at this age is the perfect thing for them! Not to mention the fact that my daughter is heading into middle school and she can babysit Laila’s baby while we go have fun! 
My dear friend, I love you!  I am thankful for our friendship and for your love.  I admire you in ways that you don’t even know.  I promise not to call you “crotch” in front of the baby once it starts talking! I can’t wait to see you in a few days! I love you!

P.S.  Maybe we can start our book while I’m there😜

I hope you guys are lucky enough to have a lajla in your life! And if you think you know what YOLO stands for, your better think again! Your Only Lajla Once! 

I would not be half the person I am today if I never met Lajla! Happy National Best Friends Day!

Tavia Hayduk   937-210-2306

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