The Real Reason You Can’t Grow Your Business 

Where do walls even come from? How did they get there? What purpose do they serve?  Do they benefit us, or hold us back?  What would happen if they didn’t exist at all?  Could we grow our business to new heights? Could we excel in our personal lives, and our professional ones too?

I’m living proof that the answer to the last question is yes.  We put up walls when we get hurt and they can start at a very young age.  Walls are a way to protect us from pain, and rejection.  Sometimes we’re not even aware that they exist, and other times we know they are there but can’t figure out why.

Have you ever been fired from a job? Walls! Have you been hurt by a friend? Walls! Has a parent or family member ever let you down? Walls! Did you try out for a team and not make it? Walls! See there’s a pattern here.  Sometimes we learn from these things, and sometimes we guard ourselves from ever experiencing them again.  

There’s only one little problem with that, if we shut down, then we can’t grow.  If we can’t grow, then we can’t heal. If we can’t heal then we can’t learn a lesson and move on.  Tearing down walls can be just as painful as putting them up, because you have to explore old wounds in order to heal.

How you truly feel about yourself on the inside, will eventually reveal itself.  I realized a few months ago that I was stuck, so I decided to take action.  I’m tearing down walls consistently now.  I’m learning new things, and I’m pushing myself to new limits.

I decided it was time to let go of my walls.  I wanted to break free from my cycles.  I wanted to listen to my inner voice, and I wanted to take care of her.  I wanted forgiveness, in return for growth. I wanted more in this life then what I was doing.  I wanted to shine bright like a diamond! 

Once I realized the only thing holding me back was myself, I started growing immediately. I started attracting positive people. Whatever you put out in the world you will get back! If you spread love and happiness, that’s what will find you.  If you give to someone and ask for nothing in return, you will be blessed with abundance.  If you take care of people, they in return will take care of you.

But my friends if you focus on the bad, you will receive the bad.  If you release hate into the world, then hate will be returned to you.  If you spend the whole day angry, then anger is what you get.  

You can grow your business, you can heal yourself and you can help others along ther way. (One of the reasons I write a blog)

It’s time to start the process of becoming the real you.  It’s time for you to tear down the walls and replace them with some confidence.  It’s time to take control of your life, and I promise you things will be better on the other side.  Be brave, be strong, be awesome!

If you need help, contact me💕

Tavia Hayduk


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