Camp Union Meets the Holy Spirit

We went to pick up my daughter from camp and had the most amazing experience.  It was her first time going to camp ever and it was perfect in so many ways.  First of all you need to know that it was a church camp.  It’s a very little place with just a few buildings, which makes for an intimate week with just 75 kids. 

We got lost on our way to pick her up and we almost missed her speak, but we made it at the last minute. (Disclaimer we missed her sing her first song which was her favorite, I think I will have her sing me a solo) The kids all stood up and introduced their group and and told us what their favorite thing was about camp. ( My child said the food! She’s so smart)

We were inside this building, and the walls slide open like a barn.  The sun was shining through and lighting that place up like no other.  But more importantly the Holy Spirit was shining through there.  I don’t know if my daughter has every experienced the Holy Spirit per say,the feeling that enters your heart and your body and fills you up. I can say without a doubt that after camp she actually knows what it means, and she was able to feel it enter her body.

Her smile was amazing through the the whole service.  Her spirit was full of love and joy and God.  It was something that she will remember  forever.  It was one of those memories that are imprinted on your heart and brain in a good way.  It was a special place for her for a few days, and it was a special place for her parents for 2 hours. 

My husband I were both baptized when we were kids.  We do attend church and some of our family has been baptized there as well. Peyton had not been baptized yet and wanted to do it with some other family members sometime soon.  We have not gotten around to it and I now I know why! Because God had another plan. 

Everything happens when it’s supposed to.  I took the time to breathe that in and be present.  I realized Gods plan for Peyton’s baptism far outweighed our own plans. This moment was planned years ago, maybe even when she was still in my belly.  This is one of those things in life that if you don’t pay attention to it will slip right past you.

So they invited the kids to do something they might not get to do ever again. They also invited the parents and other family members to join if they wanted.  It wasn’t fancy and it didn’t need to be.  There was a line a mile long, and it was the most awesome experience.  I’ve known some of these kids since kindergarten and to get to share that special moment with them was overwhelming.  Some of the parents did decide to get baptized also and I am forever grateful that I was there.

Here she is climbing in! It was a tight squeeze and if I can get the video to work you will see it.  This is her gym teacher for the last 3 years.  She’s an amazing woman in so many ways, and she is doing Gods work.  She is changing kids lives one day at a time, and offering them hope where they might not find that at home.  She is giving them an alternative and also giving them some love, that they  might not find anywhere else.  

Take sometime to notice Gods light shining through all of these pictures.  While the rest of the world is a hot mess, there was nothing but pure beauty and love here. His light will always shine, and his love will forever be spread. 

The stories she shared on the way home filled up my heart.  God has a way of putting us exactly where we need to be! I am so proud of the girl that I am raising, that at times I think how did I get so lucky? What did I do to deserve her? And then I look over at my husband and I wonder who’s teaching who right now. The truth is we are always learning, teaching and growing for, and with our kids.  

As I’m writing this blog a text comes in from  a friend. She said she was able to capture  this beautiful moment. Thank you to her, my ugly cry is in full effect but it was worth every moment. When she hugged me here, and told me she loved me it was the authentic love I’ve not felt from her in a long time. I will carry this around with me forever.  
Once again,no coincidences my friends. Gods timing is perfect.   This moment will forever be special to all that were there.  You see we might all live different lives, but the universal language of love will always bring us back together.  There’s no need for a fancy expensive camp.  My daughter learned more about herself and God here, then anywhere else.

Thank you God for blessing me with these people! I am a better person because of this experience.  

Tavia Hayduk.

No chance No circumstance

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