Summer is my all time favorite season.  I love it because it reminds me of living at the beach in my younger days.  I love it because the feeling it gives me is euphoric.  Here are my top ten favorite summer things!

  1. The clothing! Ah yes I live in ohio but have 42 pairs of flip flops and 15 swimsuits. Not to mention the numerous dresses.  So clothes is number 1! (Winter brings to many clothes)
  2. The way the sun feels when it hits my face is like a welcome home hug from your momma, it makes my heart smile on the inside.
  3. Cookouts and picnics.  More reasons to have a party and hang out with friends! Yes sign me up yesterday.
  4. Swimming, whether it be in a pool or in a pond.  Well, maybe just laying on a float and getting my tan on! Either way, water is involved in the summer.
  5. Taking a walk in the early morning or the evening hours.  Being outside in general helps the soul align!
  6. Vacations!  This is a no brainer and needs zero explanation.  NEXT!
  7. Summer reads.  That’s right there are always some good books that come out in the summer months! Get your reading material! 
  8. No school! No schedules! No homework! No bedtime!
  9. We get to spend more time with our friends and family in the summer.  My life is all about the relationships. If you’re a part of my life then you know this already. I love you!
  10. S’mores, tan feet, and bonfires! 

The season is almost over! Take time to enjoy what’s left of it! Live in the moment and enjoy this life you’ve been given. It’s a gift, that’s for sure.

Tavia Hayduk.

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