Non Conformers Read Now

For years I have been the girl who doesn’t conform.  I have never been good with having a boss, and I don’t care about fitting in.  I’ve fought with this wild side of mine over the years.  I’ve tried to tame her and make her something that she wasn’t.  Every time that I did this, I lost a little bit of my authenticity.

I’ve always had this little desire in the back of my mind to want more. This desire was under one condition however, I had to still be me!  I decided to do hair because I needed to be able to express myself in a manner that is conducive with myself.  I love hair and I love people so this was a no brainer.

I recently decided I needed more in my life.  I have taken on some new adventures and I am loving every minute of it. My brain and my heart are headed in the right direction.  My brain doesn’t do logic. It sees things from so many different perspectives.  It has the ability to go places that other people’s brains can’t go.  

Imagine my excitement when I finally realized that my brain is perfect.  I’m not supposed to think like others.  God gave me this brain for a reason.  I am who I am for a reason.  He gave me the ability to be an individual and to help others along the way.

My non conforming is actually a gift from above.  I don’t have to wonder if there’s more to this life anymore because now I’ve unlocked my true potential.  I have everything I need to succeed and I’m already doing it.  So to those of you who feel there’s something missing from your life, your probably right. You are destined for more.  And to those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, that’s ok too.  The world needs logic, and it needs free spirits.  

I am going to share my gift so be prepared to see great things out of this chic right here.  If your unhappy or stuck, contact me, I would love to help. (The law of attraction is true, this post will attract those who are stuck and want to grow)

No Chance No Circumstance 

Tavia Hayduk  Facebook group/IG Tay Tays Fresh Faces 

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