What’s your emotional IQ?

When you are doing something that you truly love, you will restore your soul.  When you are being you authentic self, there’s no better version of you.  When you learn about your emotional IQ, you learn another way to deal with yourself and with others.  Many people are book smart and that’s wonderful, but there’s also many others who are emotionally smart.  Yes, you can have them both if you’ve taken the time to nurture them both.

Everyone cannot be emotionally mature, because they never learned how.  You might have come from a family that teaches you to suppress your feelings.  This happens over and over again.  Some parents are not in touch with their own feelings, therefore they pass this on to their children.  Other parents might come from a military background and think that kids are there to be seen but not be heard.  Sometimes parents are so busy working and making a living that they are not emotionally available or present at any time.  

If you can learn to tune into your emotions better, you are going to be a better everything.  Even if your not a parent, it will make you a better boss, a better leader, and a better friend.   How exactly does one get started in this process of learning to be emotionally smart? I would suggest by tuning into your mind body connection.  

If you feel a certain strong emotion taking over your body, then pause and figure out what it is.  Everyone has triggers.  These triggers all stem from the same place, ourselves.  We have created ways of coping with life.  They are really defense mechanisms that were put in place as children to protect us.  As we get older we don’t need to respond the same way we did as kids.  However many of us will go though our adult lives carrying around that angry little kid inside of us.  

When you grow up you get a choice.  Do you want to continue on the same path, or would you like to evolve into something more? Do you want to teach your kids the same things that were taught to you, or would you like them to have more? I will be exploring this topic in greater detail later I hope that the subject itself has opened your eyes and will help you gauge where your emotional IQ is.

Watch for your triggers, but don’t act on them.  Explore them instead when they arise inside you.  Is it really this person or situation that has you in an uproar?  Or is it something locked away inside you that’s never really healed yet? Either way, you can do this and I will be here to cheer you on! 

Tavia Hayduk     Taytay514@yahoo.com

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