Confessions Of A Hair Chic

I have been doing hair for almost 12 years now, and  It has to be one of the most rewarding jobs around.  When you decide to do hair, you are choosing another family.  Your clients become friends, and your co-workers become your teammates.  When you first get out of beauty school you don’t know much.  I remember thinking I knew it all, until I messed up that first haircut.  In the midst of knowing it all , I realized I didn’t know a thing.  I mean I knew the basics, but hair is a lot more hands on.  There are certain things you cannot learn until you’ve screwed  them up.

I would like to encourage all newbies to know, that building a clientele takes a couple of years.  You will have hours and hours of sitting and waiting for a walk in.  There will be times when you will question your career choices.  There will be more people in your graduating class that will quit doing hair, even before they get started.  I urge you not to compare yourself to those people.  I would encourage you to find a mentor, who can help  you to grow. Someone who knows the business and who has been successful. Someone who will be honest with you, and will tell you what you need to hear in order to succeed.

Over the years I’ve learned many things.  One of the most crucial things that you will learn, is that hair therapy is also soul therapy.  That’s right we get to hear all kinds of things.  When someone sits in my chair, I have to figure out what it is that they need for me.  I am indeed licensed in hair, however I would say I am a cheerleader as well.  I am a friend, a life coach, a therapist and an amazing singer. (My coworkers love it when I sing out loud at work. My voice just calms everyone and makes them happy.) (well maybe they like my energy more then my voice.)

So what’s some of the craziest things I’ve done over the last 12 years?  Well there was that one time when I waxed a hole in my sisters eyebrow.  Thank God she was my sister, it was also a good thing that she had bangs.  I was like girl just cover that up, and in a few weeks it will be like new again. (She still has me wax her, that’s called trust or loyalty)

One day I was doing a perm, and I got it all wrapped and finished.  I went to get the bottle of solution and I cut the top off.  Well, when I cut this bottle, I kind of jacked it up.  I didn’t realize that I had cut it at an angle.  So when I went to put the solution on, it squirted out the side and it shot her right in the eyeball.  Oh my goodness can you imagine the look on my face.  No I did not just squirt this lady in the eye with my chemicals.  But I did, I did squirt her in the eye! After my initial shock and horror, she was fine.  The good news is she can still see, she’s not blind, and she still comes to me. 

Then there was the time that I cut a ladies ear.  Yes I know this is bad for business, but it’s only happened once! She had really short hair, and I just nicked the top of her ear.  I felt so bad, and she didn’t even realize what I had done.  I’m like “holy shit, I just cut your ear.” She all like “you did?”  (I did not charge her at all for this cut needless to say)Ha ha this story makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh because it was yet another learning experience.  The next time she came in, (which was about 6 weeks later) I said to her “I’m so sorry about the last time, when I cut your ear.” She says to me “you cut my ear??????”, and I said “yes, you don’t remember?” And she said “no, I do not!” So I ever brought it up again.  She is an older lady and if she already forgets, then I’m forgetting.  To this day, I have never mentioned it in another one of our conversations.

So to all of my new cutters, you learn when you fail! You grow when you mess up, and you succeed by not quitting!  

Disclaimer:  Your clients will become more then clients.  They will become a part of your hair family. There will be some that are faithful to you and to you only.  Then there will be another group of people.  They fall into the category of chair hoppers.  Do not take it heart if you don’t see these people again.  It is not your fault, you’ve done nothing wrong and they’ve done nothing wrong.  It’s just the cycle of hair., chair hoppers hop, and hair choppers chop! (My friend Angie’s saying)

Tavia Hayduk.      937-210-2306

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