When was the last time you risked anything?

The fear of the unknown is huge! We as humans often think we need to be able to see the whole picture.  We need to figure things out completely,and make sure absolutey nothing can go wrong.  I recently decided to start with a network marketing company.  I needed something else in my life, something more.  I was excited and afraid at the same time.  I wanted the challenge, but I wasn’t sure if I trusted myself to do this.

I sat on the fence for a few weeks. I ran over all kinds of scenarios in my mind.  When I was finally able to break away from the fear, I remembered the glimmer of something new and exciting. I remembered the hope I felt, and the joy that filled my heart before I let that doubt settle in.  I allowed myself to overcome the fear.  I owned it, and I recognized it.  I gave it some value and then I let it go.

It turns out I was actually successful, and now I have the courage to go a little further.  I have the courage to dream another dream.  It’s not different then the first, they actually compliment each other very well.  It’s just a way to expand the first dream into something bigger.  It’s a way to grow more and to learn more.  

Since I’ve decided to take on some new challenges in life, I am able to see myself grow in ways that I didn’t even know were possible.  I am able to stretch the limits of my mind.  I am doing what I’ve always loved doing.  I love helping others! Yes I am a hair stylist, but my job requires so much more then hair.  I am in way a therapist, a healer, a life coach, a cheerleader, and doer.  On a daily basis I have to figure out what each person needs from me and I have to to give it to them!

Sometimes they need a good swift kick in the ass! They need me to tell them to  “slap on your man pants and suck it up Sally!” Sometimes they need me to listen, and not to respond.   Other times they need me to make them laugh, they need me to help them escape a bad day, or a bad week.  I was able to grow my own successful hair business.  There were many times at the beginning that I thought I would never make it. (Like when I was in beauty school and it would take me 75 minutes to cut my hubby’s hair and it still looked like shit). 

 But there was a voice inside me that said to keep going.  If I’m being honest,  that little voice has gotten me through every situation I’ve ever encountered in this life.  There were times that I used to feed a different voice.  It was the voice of self doubt, it was the voice of destruction.  It was the voice of the victim, and the voice of the judge.  They are no longer welcome here.  They serve no purpose except for to destroy.  

I try to feed the good voice now.  The one that loves, and encourages and guides! The one the believes in me and that knows my success story is already being written.  I will continue to try new things with my business.  I will attract those like minded people, and we will make a hell of a team! I will believe in myself and I will embrace the unknown.  I will succeed in many ways and I will love myself more for it?

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk….in a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” Mark Zuckerberg

When was the last time you risked anything?

Tavia Hayduk.     Taytay514@yahoo.com


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