Stop Waiting……..

What does it mean to be happy? How does one achieve this? Is it a state of mind? Is it a journey? Is it a destination? Or is it a choice? I’m thinking it might be just a little bit of all the above.  I have been on a mission to recreate myself.  To get out of my comfort zone and to grow.  I’ve been trying to figure out my triggers. We all have them, but we don’t all deal with them the same.

I used to fly off the handle and respond to negative things.  At times, I would compare myself to a hurricane.  Something stressed me out and everyone knew it.  I let it control me because I didn’t know any other way.  I thought my anger and my fear was the answer. I thought by letting it all out, I was doing the right thing.  What I didn’t realize then was how much I was letting these things control me, my mood, my attitude, my life.  

A few years ago, I was introduced to consciousness.  At first,  I was a bit resistant to this whole conscious journey.  I thought my way was better, and don’t we all until we learn a new way? I now try to be present and aware.  I try to figure out why some things are a trigger for me.  I try to share my feelings in a healthy manner, and I try to share these things with my hubby and my child.  

I am not conscious all day every day, that would be impossible.  But I am more conscious than I used to be.  I am more aware when my feelings are trying to take control of me.  I get mad, sad, pissed off, and hurt still.   I just get over it a lot faster now.  I don’t feel the need to let that seed fester and grow.  I don’t feed the hurt, I feed the healing.  I don’t hold onto the anger for a week, thinking of ways I can destroy those who wronged me.  

As a matter of fact, I very rarely give my power away.  I don’t make other people’s issues about me! I don’t care what your doing or how your doing it.  I am only concerned with what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.  When I realize I’m confabulating something in my mind, I try to stop it and address it, or at least laugh at what I was making up. 

I think we choose daily.  We do things out of fear or out of love.  We are often trapped inside our own selves.  Mad people are mad because they choose to stay mad.  Sad people choose to stay sad.  Miserable people choose misery.  Angry people choose anger. Jealous people choose jealousy.  Happy people choose happiness.

Ask yourself, “Where did these beliefs about who I am come from, and how old are they?” Maybe it’s time to update your identity.    Tony Robbins

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

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