Conditioning YOUR Mind To Find The Positive

It’s a funny thing to think that our minds are conditioned. I mean we condition our bodies at the gym, and with certain foods.  So why would our brains be any different? Is your brain trained to see the good, the bad, or the ugly? What’s your first response to the stressors in your life? Do you go into freak out mode where you can’t see anything but red? Do you freeze and have a melt down right then and there? Does your voice get all mean and harsh, or do you go completely still with nothing to say while you try to absorb some of what is going on?

Either way, however you deal with things is how you’ve been taught to deal with them.  When you were a younger child and there was a  conflict in your home or in your life, you created a way to survive it in order to get through it.  When something happened to you that made you feel uncomfortable or hurt, you created a coping mechanism.  Your brain does this without you even knowing that it’s happening.  

Are you critical?  Do you find the good, or the bad, in every situation? Is your brain trained to see the wrong instead of the right? Is it trained to be the victim in every situation? Is it trained to be the judge? These are all learned behaviors, and if they can be learned then they can be unlearned.  

I am in the process of retraining my brain on a daily basis.  I am trying to reprogram it and it’s going to take some work.  Each morning when I wake up and my brain wants to catch a ride on the crazy train, (you didn’t sleep last night, today is going to suck, oh my back hurts…..blah blah blah) I stop mid complaint and I find something to be grateful for.  It actually makes me laugh when I realize where I was headed.  

I have a feeling this is going to be one my most exciting challenges yet.  It keeps me on my toes and it makes me question myself daily.  I am unwilling to just be a product of my circumstances.  Once you know better you do better and your excuses serve no purpose here!

Are you willing to unlearn your behaviors? Are you willing to challenge yourself to be better and to be present?  Your relationships and future self will thank you for it.

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

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