Ten Ways to Enjoy the 4th of July

  1. Start your morning off with some good old fashioned exercise! Or in my case Jazzercise. There were door prizes, and mimosas, and pie! I mean really, who could ask for anything more? I totally feel guilt free about eating and drinking the rest of the afternoon.
  2. Spend a little quality time with your grand baby.  Children help you see what’s important in your world.  They are a glimpse into your own heart and soul.  They are a reflection of ourselves who are still learning and growing. 
  3. Make your favorite side dish! In Ohio we like our dips.  They can come in all different shapes and sizes. Today I’m going with the buffalo chicken dip.  I’m pretty sure it’s healthy because there is sooooooo much hot sauce in it speeding up your metabolism.
  4. Take a little you time! Want to read, take a nap, write a blog, watch a movie, sing and dance? Do it! Do that thing that makes your heart happy.  People really know it when your smiling on the inside too.
  5. Enjoy some time with family and friends.  Celebrate Independence Day and welcome the break from the mundane.  Holidays are for creating memories and honoring the season. May you take the time today to love those closest to you and to wish America a happy birthday. 
  6. Raise your glass! That’s right, bottoms up! The 4th goes out with a bang on so many different levels. (I’m going to leave that one right there 😜)
  7. Go to a party or a festival.  Watch a parade and play some yard games.  Sit on the porch with your friends.  Enjoy the day continuously.  Keep hoping that the rain stays away so we can enjoy some time outside.  
  8. Buy fireworks a week early and let some off every day leading up to the actual 4th.  I hear firecrackers outside right now and it’s 2:25 in the afternoon! I would say that’s the norm for times like these! It makes me smile.
  9. Spread some love and some kindness today.  Put out some positive energy and make someone else’s day.  You never know what a smile and compliment could do for someone who never gets either! 
  10. When watching the fireworks tonight,  be thankful for the relationships in your life.  Those with your spouse and family and friends.  They are what life is all about.  Have a fabulous 4th of July.

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306.    Taytay514@yahoo.com

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