An Open Letter To All New Network Marketers

I started a new business in February.  I fell in love with the product and I knew immediately that I wanted to buy it.  After a few weeks of arguing with myself, I decided I wanted to join the business as well.  Now it’s 5 months into this and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  

First of all, if you follow the plan that’s put in place for you, then you will be successful. There will be days when that’s the easiest thing in the world, and then there will be days when you will want to beat your head against a wall.  What’s easy to do every day, is also easy NOT to do.

Sounds like a cliche, but it’s oh so true! Starting with Nerium led me to the Internet.  Yes I’ve used the Internet before, but that was for fun and for socialization.  Now it’s for business and making new relationships.  This is a whole new ball game.  I don’t know jack about trying to use the Internet for marketing.  (But I’m already meeting people who do know what they are doing)

So I learned I need to make more friends.  I learned that you can’t just like things on Instagram, you have to actually talk to people and get to know them. (Crazy I know)  I learned that you need to be present consistently, and you need to engage daily.  

I decided to start a blog, which was one of my dreams before Nerium.  I decided that it was now or never! Shit, or get off the pot.  I wanted some changes, and some challenges in my life.  If you know me, then you would know that I jumped in with both feet.(if you don’t know me, this blog will help you)  If I’m going to do something, then it’s not going to be half-assed.  My blog is not only used for business,  it’s used as my diary as well! It’s a place where I can sort it all out, and where I can be myself! It’s the one place where I am not edited, and where I can be completely me.

When it comes to the Internet I still have a lot to learn.  When it comes to blogging, I still have a long ways to go.  But you know what, I feel good about myself again.  I am doing something that fills up my soul.  I am running a business, I am making some money, and I’m making a lot of new friends.  

I am helping people look good on the outside, and love themselves on the inside! I hope to grow my Nerium family, and help others like myself be successful.   I will look for help and guidance along the way, and I will make plenty of mistakes.  I will laugh at myself and and I will have fun.  I will be a leader,and I will add a little burst of positive energy to your life daily.  

You are not even given a dream, unless your capable of making it come true! So dream big or go home, you only get one life and I’m pretty sure mines already half over! It’s your life to do whatever you choose with, make it awesome, make it amazing but most of all make it yours!

Tavia Hayduk  937-210-2306

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