Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have an 11 year old daughter who is simply amazing.  The older she gets, the more she teaches me about myself.  The older she gets, the more vocal she becomes, and when she opens her mouth sometimes her dad and I come out.  When she was younger, she was the kind of 2 year old who made friends with everyone at Wal-Mart, at every restaurant and every where we went.  She didn’t know a stranger.  She’s funny, outgoing, and faithful.  She is sensitive and kind.  On our vacations, she always meets a friend! It never fails, and this has been going on since she was 2 also.  

We just returned from Wyoming and while we there she made a few new friends again.  She met Avery, he lives at the ranch and he’s the owners son.  She also met a girl named Ryan, and her brother Liam, and a boy named miles.  Miles is seen below photo bombing our picture! Cute kid!

Ryan is standing in front of Peyton and this picture was taken before the big dance! I don’t know where a picture of her and Avery is, maybe someone else has one.

She also made great friends with her horse Cappacuinno. He was a heavy breather and this made her a little concerned.  The staff assured her that’s just how Cappacuinno rolls! He is breathing heavy before we even get out of the gate.  This made her feel better, and this also  shows her empathetic side, which she gets from her momma.

Have you ever heard of what you don’t know that you don’t know? Well it’s a bit confusing, but basically you don’t know it! And you don’t know,that you DON’T know, until you do know it.  So I had one of these moments just a few minutes ago.  It seems so silly, until you actually stop and think about it.  Peyton meets people all the time, just like I meet people all of the time!  I don’t know a stranger.  I think life is all about the relationships, and I always have. I went to the ranch and I lived in the moment! It was intoxicating in more ways then one! 😜

Here’s one of my friends I met! This is Lisa, from Boston and she was amazing in so many ways.  I met her boys first, down at the pool, and then I met her and her husband Paul shortly after that.  This is one family I will never forget, and I hope I get to know them better as the years progress! We shared something special because it was both of our first times at the ranch.
I also met 2 other very awesome people from California.  This is Robin and his wife Barbara.  She is very talented with the sewing machine and she makes a lot of their own clothing.  They were full of wisdom and knowledge and they were fun to be around.  They frequent the ranch and had lots of stories to share. I hope to keep in touch with them as well!

This is Peyton and her cousins at the kids club! They made boats and then they had to race them down the stream. Jake won which surprised him because he thought his was the ugliest. It’s like the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

This is Kim and we all made friends with her.  At the dance, she gave us some really nice compliments about our daughter. (Which all parents need to hear sometimes, especially with the teenage years approaching.) She said that hanging out with Peyton was literally like hanging out with one of her friends! She called her dope, which is good thing in case you were wondering! She said we were doing a great job with her and that we should be proud.

That made our hearts happy.  I don’t care if she gets good grades, or if she’s good at sports, but I do care that she’s nice and kind and thoughtful.  I do care about how she treats others and what she is putting out into the world.  I am blessed to call her my daughter, my doodle (her nickname she thinks she’s outgrowing).

Take the time to learn from your children.  They can help you heal old wounds, and they can teach you more about yourself then you ever thought possible. 

Tavia Hayduk.  937-210-2306

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