Tell It Like It Is Tuesday: Ego Check

Tuesday’s  are dedicated to telling it like it is.  When I joined Nerium I wanted a challenge. I needed to more present and conscious on a daily basis.  Some days, this is a walk in the park, everything goes well and there is no need for my ego to be involved. Then, there are some days when I find myself constantly checking myself, before I wreck myself (check baby, check baby 1-2).  Some of you might be very familiar with what I am talking about, and some of you might be scratching you head in confusion right now.  

If your confused keep reading, I will put it into Tay Tays perspective for you.  Ok? Here we go kids. I wake up one morning and I see that I’ve been tagged in a post.  There’s nothing abnormal about that, however this post is a little bit different.  This post is a picture of 5 boxes of Nerium, and they just so happen to be selling them at some ungodly cheap price.  Now enters my ego, my unconscious self.  First comes anger like what the hell? How am I going to make a living doing this, when I have to compete with this shit?  Then comes hurt, do I know this person, are they doing this to get back at me? Then comes resentment.  How can the company allow this to happen, how can people buy this on Amazon and sell it for less money? Clearly the rules state that’s not aloud! Being a hair stylist I should already be familiar with diversion.  It happens all of the time! Go to your local drug store and pick up a bottle of salon brand shampoo.  Turn it over and read the back. It will say something like this “product only guaranteed if sold in a salon”. Is the drug store a salon? Is it still on the shelf? (Ego overboard)

Scenario number 2 goes like this.  I am scrolling through my feed, and I see that one of clients and friends bought skincare products from another company.  Here comes my ego AGAIN, And she comes out swinging.  How dare she! What, my free trial wasn’t good enough? Don’t you trust me to do what’s best for you? Do you even know the people you bought your product from? Do they have real science, and real results? (Can you say emotional brain?)

Scenario number 3, where my ego wants to run the show.  When I am posting in my Facebook page, Tay Tays Fresh Faces.  It’s a group where I share about Nerium.  I post videos, pictures and even my blog there.  Now,the good thing about groups is that you can remove yourself from them if you don’t want to be there.  The bad thing about groups, is that I get to see who is no longer in my group. Boom shacka lacka! Ego trip! Oh you don’t want to be in my group? Your not interested in what I have to say?  Fine I don’t want you in my group anyways! 

If you noticed a theme above, then your already a step ahead of where this going.  In all of the above scenario’s,  I am playing the victim. I am taking everything personal, and I am giving away my power. I am letting my emotions, over take my logic.  I am unaware, and I am anything BUT present, in these moments. I flipped my lid, and my emotions have taken control.

Then I reminded myself why, I decided to join Nerium.  I decided to do it so I could grow as a person.  I decided to do it so I could be more present.  I decided to do it because I needed a daily challenge, just like every single situation above.  I was walking through my life and I was on auto pilot.  I wasn’t being challenged anymore.  I was beyond comfortable in my comfort zone, I was down right complacent.  So once I snapped back to reality, I realized these lessons were the exact ones I needed to be learning.  I asked for this, I wanted and longed for this, so now it was my time to “Suck it up Sally”! (I totally stole that saying from a friend) I am actually thankful for the daily challenge. I am greatful for these people and the lessons I learned from them.  

Your ego is there to serve a purpose.  It’s there so you can learn from it.  It’s not there to be the victim, or to be the judge.  It’s there to help you grow into the person you are meant to be.  The one who loves and lives with their whole heart and soul.  The one who wants a challenge, and who is tired of being complacent.  The one who wants to inspire others to grow, just like you have.  The one who will never stop learning and  never stop growing.  The one who will choose to do things out of love and not out of fear.  Yes, I put myself out there so you can learn with me.  But first and more importantly, I put myself out there so I can learn and grow. 

The next time you feel your ego kick into high gear, take a moment to stop and breathe.  Take a second to be present,  and to ask yourself why, and what your afraid of!?

(My editor is on vacation this week, please excuse the run on sentences and the improper use of punctuation.  I do hair, skin, and souls not English or math😜)

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

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