Healing broken places

So I went to the Wild, Wild West and I loved it.  For years I have been avoiding the ranch like the Black Plague . I don’t do camping, and I don’t do vacations, unless there is a beach involved.  I have heard the family share their stories over the years.  However, stories and pictures alone cannot capture the true essence of being there. 

This is the entrance to the ranch! It’s a long ass dirt road.  I asked my father in law where we were going, and if they brought me here to get rid of me! (Friendly family humor) 

There were 19 family members on this trip so it took a lot of planning.  We all met in Buffalo, and spent the night there. (Being from Ohio, this confused me at first because I thought it was Buffalo NY) I thought, why am I flying into Colorado to drive to New York? It turns out my sense of direction was a little off.

Every morning when we go down for breakfast, we get to read the Saddlestring news.  Inside it has today’s menu, and activities for the kids.  Look who made the front cover! This in itself was a huge surprise and an added bonus for our trip.  How cool is that? I think it’s pretty freaking awesome! I would also like to give credit to the staff that helped us arrange this picture. Can you imagine trying to line up 19 horses for a picture? Ha Ha!
We all arrived together, but we left separately.  Here is a picture of our last supper.  I was not prepared for the emotion that was involved with leaving this place.  I mean come on, for years I’ve heard about it and not once did anyone mention sadness.  Maybe it’s not the same for everyone, but for me I felt an emptiness. I am a little sad when I leave the beach, but nothing like this.  I’m guessing that’s because I know when I will return to the beach, but I’m not sure when I will return to the ranch.

 I was the last one to leave the cabin.  I had a good hearty cry there all alone, and I decided to go around and take some pictures.  I wanted to share with you what I was feeling.  The emotional connections that I shared with my husband are unexplainable.  Imagine a vacation where you never have to lock your doors!  (Actually there aren’t even locks on the doors) You don’t have to worry about all the evil things out there. For just a week you are in a safe zone.   

This is a happy, loving environment.  My daughter could stay out until whenever and I knew that she was all right.  She was able to gain some confidence and independence here. And of course like every vacation we go on, she made friends with complete strangers.

 Being here, helped me reconnect my mind, body, and soul.  It brought me closer to my authentic self, and It helped me grow in a positive manner.

This is what it looks like when the party’s over.  This is what it looks like when everyone is gone.  This is what I mean, when I tell you that stories and pictures are not enough.  

Your life is yours to live however you want to live it.  Since my book club and my new business with Nerium, I have learned a lot about judgment.  I have learned about being present and being conscious, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

That bottle of wine helped me get through the last supper and the good byes! This trip in itself helped heal a part of me that was broken.  I had some issues from my past that this trip brought full circle.  When we are hurt or rejected as kids, we carry around a bit of brokenness inside of us.  It will stay broken, until you are strong enough to face it and admit the impact it’s had on you. It will stay broken until you are ready to heal it.
So thank you HF Bar for being an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you to the family, for bringing me here and sharing your special place with me.  Thank you to the staff and to the guests for making memories with me that will last me a lifetime.  

If you want to grow, then I encourage you to get out of your own head.  If you want to be vulnerable then put yourself out there. If you want to experience new things, get off your butt and go do it! But more importantly, take time in your life to experience love. Take time to enjoy your family and take time to heal, because your so with it!

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306



6 thoughts on “Healing broken places

  1. Hi Tavia, beautiful, beautiful words and certainly ones to live by! After reading this, I had goose bumps and a lump in my throat! It looks and sounds like you all had an amazing vacation. Your pictures are great and the memories you have, I know will last a lifetime!! What a wonderful family!!! Blessings to you, Connie Dague


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