Tay Tays Top Picks Straight Out Of Wyoming

Here are some of my favorite things about being out West. The hotel we stayed in had salon brand shampoo and conditioner ! Go Matrix! I don’t remember ever staying somewhere that had this luxury.

Our hotel also had Wyomings only giant maze!  5 bucks was the going rate and Peyton enjoyed it in the evening before we went to bed.
This one by far cracks me up the most! I had to take a picture or I’m sure you would have thought I was making it up.  Their local gas stations are called none other than, “Kum & Go.” No more words are needed! Ha Ha! Love it.

This was in Buffalo.  I’m guessing they were giving rides or maybe that was their transportation into town. Either way, it was fantastic. While I do see horses in my town, they belong to the Amish, and they are a bit different than this.
I love how they dress up the sink with a skirt! This is the bathroom up by the stables so you can pop one last squat before you head out on your horsey adventure.
In Wyoming I learned that you should probably never, never, ever use a roll-on sunscreen stick or your leg will look exactly like my cousins, whose name I will not mention πŸ˜›.

The breathtaking scenery and bonding with my family.

Chillaxin on the back porch and having some drinks with the fam.

Hanging out with staff! These are some of the most amazing kids I have ever met! This is where they live and party after working all day long! They get 1 day off a week and they work their butts off the rest of the days. But don’t worry your pretty little head, because they party and have fun as much as they work. I’ve loved getting to know them! Those 2 sexy bitches are my cousins and we were kickin it with the cool kids! 

Spending time with these 2!  I look forward to sharing this with my son and his family one day.

I had many preconceived notions about the ranch and being out west, but I am here to tell you they were all wrong.  This is a magical place in so many ways. I will never have another “first” time here, but I do hope to have many more times here.

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

Taytay514@yahoo.com Taviahayduk.nerium.com

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