Roughin it Cowboy style 

Good Tuesday morning! I am coming to you straight out of the country! I’ve been on 3 horse rides so far,that last about 2 hours each! My butt bone is for sure bruised but they tell me by the third day I will be good to go! (I’ll let you know tomorrow if that’s really the case)

My cousin Katie just got Zumba certified, so at 6:00 this morning we decided we would join her for a class! We did it in the dance hall, and it’s a good thing we did it early because it’s going to be in the 90’s today! My jazzeercise instructor will be excited to know I wasn’t a complete lazy ass the whole time I was here.

This was an awesome way to start out our day and Katie was the bomb diggity!
The scenery here is absolutely breath taking. The pictures I’ve seen over the years don’t do it justice! We took a ride to castle rock yesterday, and it was pretty much uphill, most of the way. There were a few sketchy twists and turns, but our horses knew exactly what they were doing, even if this city girl didn’t have a clue!

I’ve managed to learn how to trot (not nice on you arse), and I even did some cantering! Go Tay Tay! Our evenings are spent drinking and socializing, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Today after our ride I’m going to get a massage while the corporate meeting takes place. This is an added bonus because I love to get a massage. This part of the trip was an added bonus surprise!

Aunt Ann has a chalkboard at her house and every day there is a new activity posted! Today’s challenge comes from yours truly, and its find 3 things today that made you happy.  My daughter knew immediately that this was my choice because she knows her momma oh to well.

​​I love this idea because often times in life we get in the habit of focusing on negative things. Being critical is a habit, even if your criticize yourself.  So once you realize your doing this you can actually train your brain to see the good. You can train it to focus on happy things, and with a few positive affirmations daily you will become a person who attracts good energy instead of negative energy. These are the habits that make us conscious, that make us present, and that helps us grow as people on the inside. 

When we come off of a ride like this I am a sweaty mess.  When I get off that horse I feel like my legs and feet just might fall off.  The first thing I do is go back to the cabin and literally peel off my sweaty clothes. Ha ha, your jeans and your socks are soaked and it’s a bit of a game, but yet it’s all part of the experience and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

So my peeps until next time, remember to look for the good in people, the wonders in life, and always, always, remember to make your choices based on love instead of fears.

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