Train your Brain

Did you know that your energy is contagious? Well it is! We have the ability to help make others happy.  Our brains are so powerful that we can calm a crying baby, just by holding it close. imageWe can help a friend in need just by giving her a hug, and We can make people laugh when they really feel like crying.

Your brain is a very powerful thing.  If you take the  time everyday to feed it and nourish it with new information then it will expand.  You can teach it a new way to think.  You can teach it to see the positive instead of the negative.  You can learn to be mindful and you can learn to be conscious.

The truth of the matter is that life is very simple, but we as humans tend to complicate things.  We get so set in our ways that we become complacent to life itself.

One of my favorite books I’ve ever read was Warrior Goddess Training, by Heatherash Amara.  It taught me  so many things I already knew, but that I’ve lost along the way.  She teaches us about the voices in our heads.  The goal here is to shut off the ideas of what you think you should be.  Basically stop judging yourself in a negative manner. Learn to love yourself  again.  Do not try to fit in, do not conform.  If you are trying to change yourself into what you think everyone else wants you to be, then you my friend will drive yourself crazy. Everytime you compare yourself to the image in your head the message Remains the same, You are not good enough the way you are.

Don’t align with who you think you should be, align with who you are really meant to be.  Nurture your spirit and love her unconditionally, she’s perfect the way she is and you are more than enough.

Tavia Hayduk


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