An open letter to the evil that resides in this world

Dear evil,
I try to put up boundaries and keep you away.  I don’t watch the news because it’s horrible. I don’t read the paper because it’s mostly negative, and I don’t waste time worrying abut things out of my control.  But for some reason no matter how hard I try to stay away,  you seem to creep right back into our lives.  

My daughter just asked me yesterday what would happen if (unnamed group and I refuse to mention their name in my blog) asses took over the world.  Are you serious, is this what our lives have come to? My 11 years old waking up to more horror stories everyday.  

I answer her with love and affection, because these are 2 of the things, that the evil doers are missing in their lives.  I do not believe that you are born evil.  I don’t believe your born to hate and to kill people who disagree with you.  I believe you are taught these things.  I believe that you are so unhappy with yourself and with your life that you have to create a place where you fit in.  So instead of seeking peace and love, you seek hate and violence.  

Instead of being a lover, you became a hater.    Haters are broken and everything you stand for is broken.  If you weren’t broken, then you wouldn’t be a part of such nonsense.  Everything you do is out of fear and it’s done in the most cowardly ways.  You think you finally belong to something or someone.  You think someone finally loves and accepts you. You feel needed and you feel worthy…………..well you are full of shit.

You are being used and these people could care less about you.  You serve a purpose and when your done you will be disposed of.  You might even be dumb enough to dispose of yourself, and then they don’t have to worry about you anymore. 

I will make a positive impact on those in my life. I will honor, and love, and cherish you for no reason other then you deserve it.  I will take the time to look around and find someone who needs my help,  Who needs my love, and who needs my smile.  I will make a difference one day at a time, and I will be a better person for it.

So evil I have this to say to you, my light will always shine in the midst of your darkness.  My hope is much bigger then your fear.  My love is stronger then your hate and My happiness will outweigh your misery every time.  

Fear doesn’t last, it’s temporary it comes and goes.  But love lasts forever and it heals all things.

Tavia Hayduk


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